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Skin Care Post Accutane ?

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Hi there. I finished my 8 month course accutane . My skin is much better than before, but still have small holes and a little oily. What then from here? Should I use some cosmetics? Thank you

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some people have said that after taking accutane they did not take care of their skin as much as to when they were taking the tablets. I would continue to use a gentle face wash and use a light moisturiser. Don't use any harsh products on your face! It is best to keep it simple :)

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Ah, so just cleaning and moisturizing with no aggressive solvents such as BP, Retin A, etc.?

I was thinking about Retin A, but I do not know. Does not lead to acne again. It bothers me less oily skin.

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Hi, i was on accutane twice and i regret not following up with a retinoid to keep my pores clear. The effects of accutane (reduced oil, smaller pores) are reversed once you're off the drug so if your hormones are still acting up and you are still prone to acne, there is a chance it may come back (as it did with me). I would speak to your derm about a retinoid (starting with the least harsh -differin) to keep your pores clear.

Good Luck

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