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Any Suggestions?

Hi, I’m 16 years old. I’ve had acne from 2-3 years. I only used to have one or two zits maximum at any time and used to get them barely, nothing simple benzyl peroxide couldn’t handle. I had almost perfect skin. But since February, my acne has gotten really worse. It got so bad in the beginning that I had to go to my GP. Both my cheeks were literally full of zits. And I mean literally. I even got a cyst in my neck which I was told was because of the acne, which I still have. He gave me antibiotics and Differin Cream 0.1%. After two weeks, I was told to see him again. Till then, they had barely gotten any better but could see a little difference. So he told me to continue with the antibiotics and I could stop the cream. Hence, I stopped using the cream but continued with the antibiotics. I used them till May/June until I realised that they were making me fatigue a lot and my Dad being a doctor as well, told me to stop using them. The acne had gotten much much better. However, now, it’s getting worse again. I almost get two zits every other day, if not every day. So I’m going to tell you what I am using right now.

At night time, I have starting using the Differin Cream 0.1% at night time since a week again. I wash my face using Neutrogena oil-free facial wash after waking up in the morning and before applying the cream at night. I apply PanOxyl 10% w/w gel Benzoyl Peroxide in the morning. I also drink/use/consume (whatever :P) Arsenicum Bromatum 30C 4 times a day, every two days and then Hepar Sulphuris 200C once, the third day. I exercise every other day, if not every day. I drink ATLEAST 1.5l of water every day.

If someone has any suggestions please tell me, I feel really under confident and this is not me.

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