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Dilshan Thamel

Need Some Help And Advice Please.... (Pics) :)


I'm new to posting on this forum though I've been reading a lot here and there..

I'm a male I started developing acne during 17/17 and I still have breakouts at the age of 24. I have attached a picture taken minutes before So you guys have a look what I'm jabbering all about.

I dont really mind a small pimple here and there but I get these huge bumps usually on cheeks and jaw line.. It's really annoying especially when I'm going out and meeting people.. So sometimes I tend to grow facial hair to cover them but Can't do that forever huh?

Anyway I'm just using Benza AC (picture attached) just for now as an Acne gel and Neutrogena Oil Free daily cleanser to wash my face.

I've read alot about connection between acne and bad Kidney full of toxins.. So I'm curious about Coffee Enema that can be performed at home. Anyone has tried it?

thank you all...





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First I would say that you should shave more often do that the hairs don't irritate your acne. I find that when I don't shave it irritates the small bumps and makes it bigger.

With your bp, how long have you been using it and are you seeing results?

You should try to see if you have a reaction to gluten or milk or other foods. It may take some time to isolate each but it will be worth it.

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thnx sasound for the response... I'm not seeing much results to be honest with Benzac.. I might try another product...

you are right about gluten and milk prodcuts... I actually switched to soy milk and doing some experiment on cutting down other products... Oats seem to work somehow... I 've heard it has Anti-inflammatory goodies in it..

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The size of these, and the fact that you have 3 large ones but no small ones, looks like you may have sebaceous cysts instead of acne. Google it.

Thnx Green Gables..... to be honest I rarely get any small ones the so called white heads or black heads...... all I get on my face are these lumps with similar sizes and they appear often.... and most of the time they come along that jaw line and just above...

I will google sebaceous cysts.... thnx again

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