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I honestly just made this account so I could rant to people who understand.

Where do I begin??

I don't even remember what having clear skin feels like! I can't imagine what it would be like to roll out of bed and not have to worry about what my skin looks like.

I can't even remember when my acne started but I'm thinking I was 12-13 yrs old and I'm 17 now.

It sucks sooo much, especially when you have a gorgeous older sister with clear skin and everyone telling her she's beautiful all the time. Sometimes I wish I could trade places with her :(

Sometimes I just feel so trapped, I can't do anything about it! I wish my mom would take me to a dermatologist or something to help me but we can't afford it and she doesn't even know how much I suffer because of this stupid skin condition.

I have stayed home from doing so many fun things just because my skin looked hideous and I felt depressed and just wanted to lay in my bed and feel sorry for myself.

I wear makeup when I leave the house, but even then I don't feel good about myself! All the things running around in my head... *They're looking at me weird*...*they think my makeup looks horrible and they're laughing at me*... *I look horrible*..

I've gotten really self conscious lately.. I can't even be out in the sun because I'm afraid my skin is showing through the makeup or all the light is making my skin look gross. I've been so down in the dumps and angry about it that I've been mean to some of my friends.. I hate being like that since personality is really all I have going for me.

I am so emotionally tired of dealing with it and thinking about it!

And that's not even the worst of it all.. I have bacne too, which is incredibly embarrassing! I can't even go swimming or wear tank tops in the summer! It is so depressing!!

I hate being the ugly girl among my other female friends :(

And lately my skin is really freaking out and I have no idea why... It's breaking out like crazy on my face and back! I don't know if it's the change of weather or what!

Other days I feel like I'm letting this bother me for no reason.. even though I'm emotionally sick of this I'm still trying to be positive. My mom and dad both had acne and it went away by their late teens so I am sticking with that inch of hope.

If you read all this thank you for listening (reading) :(

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It does and it doesn't. I write this as a 22 year old who faced terrible acne all throughout highschool and am sort of... revisiting this aspect of my life as of late (Not that I'm literally getting acne anymore).

For me, my skin is basically clear now expect for some scarring and red marks I hope to get rid of eventually/let them fade away. To everyone else, it's unoticable. To me, they are the first thing I see every time I look in the mirror. The advice I can give you is this: Don't do anything too drastic to get rid of your acne (so it doesn't scar and stick with you even longer) and find some closure eventually. It ends if YOU let it end. I'm just too comfortable in my hatred for my own skin that I doubt I'll ever let it end. Don't fight your feelings. BE angry at how you look, that's completely natural, be sad, angry, etc, but don't repress it all and bottle it up so that you have to deal with it later. Acne will go away, trust me, believe in this no matter how hard this sounds because it does, but you're feelings of insecurity and shame won't unless you let them.

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I have hope one day it will end!

I suffer from bacne plus shoulders arms and chest have red marks from old acne. I hate it I cry about it all the time I sometimes wish my face copped the acne cause to me having body acne is more embarrassing for me.

I found that the reason I was getting so upset about having body acne was because I didn't wanna get naked lol, go to the beach etc etc infront of my bf!

And I would get angry at him for always trying to make me and him thinking I was self consious of my body when it was the acne!

One day I was like screw it I'm just gonna tell him, and it was the best thing I ever did cause I started to resent him coz I felt like I was always covered up and my skin couldn't breathe. But once I told him he don't even care and now he understands. So I feel comfortable to go beach with him and when the acne isn't too inflamed in places he might see I don't cover up. Best thing ever I felt so good after.

It still makes me cry so I cry to him and he makes me feel better and always tell me it'll go away. I'm so lucky to have his support!

I'm really looking into accutane.. Just can't afford it right now.

But I found that once I told my friends about my acne and showed them, they didn't care anyway so I'm not sure if you have told them or not but I think it may make u feel better.

I really hope you feel better soon!!

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The sooner everyone accepts you have may acne the rest of your life the sooner you will be able to function the way you want.

Instead of waiting for the day when all acne has disappeared focus on making yourself the best version of you that you can be with or without acne.

Acne does not define you are at the core, it does not determine a good or bad person.

I always ask people this. If you had a terminal illness or lost a limb. Would you sit there feeling sorry for yourself or make the best life you can for yourself?

Acne has to be treated the same way. It is there and might never go.

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