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9 Yrs On Birth Control And Now Taking Spironolactone

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I'm 26, been on BC since I was 17. I tried to take a break from it 5 yrs ago but my body didn't like it. I broke out all over my face and had pain in my abdominal area (found out I have endometriosis) then went back on the pill. Years down the line I decided to get back off BC because I didn't want my body to rely on a pill. then all hell went loose!! Discovered I have PCOS too! And my testerone level is a bit higher then it should be. I always had flawless skin until 2 yrs ago I went downhill BAD! I been on MANY types of birth control pills. I am currently on beyaz and was on it for a yr, my derm wants me to start taking ortho tri today since its Sun.. funny because that was the first pill i started when I was 17. I am currently taking Spiro 50mg twice a day. I was on it before like 3 months ago. I stopped because I felt as if it wasn't working because I was still breaking out ( I didn't know about the initial breakout then) when I got off it my face EXPLODED! Full in cysts. So when I had my derm apt he told me to get back on (9-11-12) and I use cetaphil gentle cleaner and retin-a micro at night. I been through deep depression, bad thoughts and full of anxiety. I can feel y'all pain but my skin looks BAD. I broke out badly on my cheeks and a lil on my chin. I have so many blemishes. I pray and talk to God daily. I have faith and hope I just wish my face will clear. I don't have a social life anymore! For someone who use to have PERFECT flawless skin and now BAD skin hurts me VERY MUCH. I'm praying the Spiro and ortho tri BC pill I'm starting today (leaving beyaz) will work. Please leave your feedback and experiences!

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A lot of good information on forum on http://www.soulcysters.com (women with PCOS).

I will tell you that most PCOSers need a dose of at least 100mg spironolactone if you're 125lbs or more.

In the long run you may be better off seeing an endocrinologist or ob-gyn who specializes in hormonal disorders. Most derms are a little clueless about PCOS.

I am not on a hormonal birth control (I have a copper IUD). But it took me 6 months on 100mg spironolactone to clear completely.

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Hi ,so you are taking 100 mg then. Since your taking 50 mg 2x's a day. I too am on Spiro, have been for almost 4 months,( a lil over 3 months) i can tell you that I see a difference with 100 mg. I was first prescribed 50, but saw no improvement so i bumped myself up to 75, stayed on that for a little over a month still had oily skin and was breaking out , so I bumped myself up to 100 on 9/11/12. As soon as I did that the oil decreased significantly. I have two zits that I just got (within the week) and they are small, nothing compared to what I would get before. I am not completely clear but I am clear in my eyes. Stick with it, be patient and you will see a change.

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