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Cod Liver Oil Stopped Breakouts

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Hey, Im a 18 years old college student, I suffer from severe hormonal acne(Everytime i enact in sexual activity i breakout on my face pretty

bad), Im black aswell. I started taking this pill after research of vitamin A. I have been on doryx for about 6 weeks and saw pretty good results but decided to stop after feeling like i was just killing my body. I saw almost immediate results with the only side effects of stomach irritation sometimes(Infact i just had diarreah but am linking that to the sushi i ate last night lol). After taking the pill i feel amazing, almost energized and my seasonal allergies are GONE! This looks like its going to be my new regime. Also i changed my diet a bit by cutting milk and i try to cut bread out too. Not only has my breakouts stopped but my skin just looks amazing and i feel and look 10x healthier. My eyes are crystal white which is new for me. I also use Retin-A btw. Just posting this to help others, try it please its only 10$ at GNC for about a months worth!

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Cod liver oil stopped working after about a month, now on panothenic acid, day 3 and seeing amazing results from only 1 gram a day! My pores are about half in size and havent had any new pimples. Also old acne is healing quickly and acne scars fading faster. Don't think ill be going to 10g a day that just seems nuts to me.

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If anyone decides to invest in Cod Liver Oil- make sure you're going with a reputable brand. The only reputable brand I have found is by Green Pastures. They still ferment Cod Liver Oil the "old fashioned way," which helps it retain all of its vitamin content and preserve it as naturally as possible. The brand I'm talking about isn't even considered a supplement for this reason...its considered a whole food source. And if you take Cod Liver Oil, you should definitely be taking it as a whole food source- because that's the way nature intended us to eat it. Fish and other animal organ meats were a staple in our ancestors' diet and still are in many traditional cultures.

Anyways, I highly recommend Cod Liver Oil. It's really SO good for you- and not just good for your skin. It's rich in so many vitamins including vitamins A, K and D- and its a pure source of Omega 3 fatty acids.


There's the link in case anyone is interested. And I'm not trying to sell you anything...just your health. I personally would never take Cod Liver Oil in supplement form because it can turn rancid easily and I veer away from synthetic sources in general.

PS: Cod Liver Oil doesn't "stop working." The body does not become immune to it. It's not a prescription...its an aid in health and the body, as long as the digestive tract is not compromised (which would limit absorption of vitamins and minerals), will continue to absorb and use whatever nutrients you put in it to the best of its ability.

Perhaps, for those of you who experienced a return of acne, you should investigate the cause of your acne (is it hormonal, digestive, dietary, etc.) because this fish oil is not a "cure" but it is meant to help you alongside other serious dietary and lifestyle changes necessary for whole body health.

Good luck!

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