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Hello Everyone, Hoping To Give And Receive...

Hello everyone, excited to be a part of this community! My name is Dylan for starters. Let's start by telling you about my skin situation since that's what this shindig is all about, eh?

I've had acne ranging from moderate to severe ever since about late ninth grade (by United States grade standards) and I feel like I've done almost everything under the sun to help it clear up, although... statistically speaking I'm sure that statement is very far from the truth. I've strayed from traditional methods and no longer see a dermatologist for my condition' instead relying on my own research and more holistic methods. Over the years, my acne has cleared up to a degree and I've gained more comfort with my image as a whole. This isn't to say that I don't struggle with it on a day to day basis, often times hating myself and not wanting to go out. But, I consider myself fortunate. I have a girlfriend, job, and great friends.

I'm 21 one now and my face is still as oily as ever (which is one of the larger things I'm looking into), I still get breakouts on a daily basis but these breakouts are no longer as severe as they once were. Very rarely do I ever get those larger, painful cystic style breakouts that seemed to plague me in the past. Although, there seems to be no rhyme or reason for my breakouts, which can be a mental hassle. They will often form in different spots, are different "types" of breakouts and can take different periods of time to heal fully. My largest personal struggle anymore though, has to be my terrible hyper-pigmentation and darkened skin tone. This problem is a combination of: my fair and easily inflamed skin, previous irritation of my skin due to harsh facial chemicals and poor routine treatment, and continued appearance of breakouts. I'm slowly working to try to get through my skin issues, both physically and mentally. I'm hoping that becoming an active member here will not only allow me to achieve my own goals, but give back to other members!

Thanks guys!

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