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Rosacea Or Skin Cancer/eczema?

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On the second pic, it's the one near my eyes. The ones on my cheeks are new acne.

I have this "lesion" for about 1 month now ever since I came back from my country in Bangladesh. I came back about 3-4 weeks ago and it was kind of smaller. It isn't going away even though I put benzoyl peroxide for about forever on it ever since i first noticed it.

Today, I swam in the pool for 2 hours and then played basketball outside and then when i came home to take a shower, after that i saw that it got bigger today.

But usually though, after I wake up after night it gets smaller and less noticable, but then irritated and noticable throughout the day.

It's dry to the touch. I don't know what to say, but I'm scared...





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Go to your dermatologist. Could be a cyst under the skin, which bp wouldn't help much. And those do get bigger but you can get a shot and make it go down. If your really worried about it possibly being cancer, get it checked ASAP

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Have you noticed any other changes in your skin? Any moles that have changed colour or shape? Any crusting or bleeding? These are only a few symptoms related to some types of cancer. Keep an eye on your skin for the next few days for any abnormalities. Skin cancer should not be your primary diagnosis (as in, don't jump to conclusions and start panicking!) but if you think there's a chance then there's no harm in going to the doc to get it checked out and get some peace of mind. I have similar sort of patches sometimes too, usually after I use too much BP. I have this theory that my skin has been thinned out a little by overuse of peroxide and as I'm constantly reapplying chemicals to these areas, I'm not giving it time to heal. It might be worth you covering that patch in some vaseline or sudocreme before you apply BP so no BP goes on it and then waiting and seeing if it heals. But as I said, if you're really worried it might be worth seeing a Doctor because its difficult for anyone to diagnose you over the internet. Good luck :)

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