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How Bad Are My Acne Spots?

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I am so self concious about them. Most of my acne is finally gone but they have left behind spots that I hate and I can't cover them up with anything because you can still see them. Maybe I'm not covering up good enough but I really just want these spots to go away but I know that they won't for months. So I just want your honest opinion about how bad they are and if you have any ideas of how I can cover them up better that would be great. I have tried using foundation and concealer but I think it just makes them look worse.

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Makeup does help if you get a good brand with full coverage AND you know how to apply it.

The only makeup that really stuck when I had severe acne was MAC Studio Fix fluid. It is made for photo shoots so it covers everything.

Get it with the MAC foundation brush and have one of the ladies show you how to apply it. You don't paint it on, you "stipple" it, which isn't intuitive at all. But it does work.

It's expensive. $30 for the bottle and $30 for the brush. The brush lasts forever though, and if I was applying makeup every day I would say the bottle lasts about 2 months. So I guess it's not that bad overall.

Oh, you can find MAC in Nordstroms and probably some other department stores.

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