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Hi everyone!

I'm a male college student who's acne fluctuates greatly. I recently suffered from a nasty blind pimple (cyst?) that wouldn't go away and got it injected with cortisone before I left for college (fun fun!). My acne's especially bad (comparatively) right now, and my derm put me on Acanya gel (clindamycin phosphate 1.2% and BP 2.5%) instead of my normal yet terribly drying 10% Panoxyl BP regimen. He told me to use Acanya every morning and Atralin every evening, but due to my already low self-esteem because of my acne I don't want to use Atralin since it has a harsh purging period. So, my question is this:

If I use Cera Ve Moisturing Cleanser in the morning and night along with Acanya in the morning, what do you recommend I use at night if I'm not using Atralin? I chose kind of randomly to use Stridex Medicated Pads (salicylic acid).

The nasty blind pimple came back recently on top of it all, so I'm trying to destroy that little devil. Luckily it came to a couple of small heads, so hopefully that'll drain it out.

Any thoughts on using Stridex with my regimen or Stridex in general? I have sensitive skin, but with moisturizer I seem to be okay right now.

Sorry for the essay... but I'll give you a virtual cookie if you got all the way to here! rolleyes.gif

In case it matters, my derm said my acne is hormonal. It's usually on the lower half of my face, especially my chin area.

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