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Perfect Skin After Cleanser, But Then...

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Hi everybody !

First of all I'm sorry for the mistakes i'll do in this message, I'm French and I sometimes have some difficulties to write english messages.

It has been several months now that I'm into an "acne regimen" following the three main steps :

1) Cleanser

2) BP or equivalent

3) Moisturizer

Everytime I use the cleanser, I wait 10 mn for my skin to "dry", and when I come back.. my skin is perfect !

The acne is nearly invisible, and I have a wonderful glow.

But each time when I put the BP (or equivalent) or the Moisturizer, my skin become a lot less beautiful : strange glow & acne really visible.

Is it normal ? I would like to clean my skin and leave it this way, but I'm afraid If will cause some problems...

Could you give me your opinion ? Thanks !

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I think that's bucause your skin is dry and there is a layer or dried skin on the surface. That will dull the redness and make pimples look flat. Your skin is dry so it's stretched making the pimples look better. Bp will cause some redness but should subside when you skin gets use to it. The moisturizer plumps your skin back up to what it should look like if it were healthy.

Hope this all makes sense. Also you need a SPF moisturizer for day time.

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