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Not sure if this post belongs in this forum, so if it doesn't, then sorry! I was on Accutane last winter and it helped out a lot. I still break out on my face sometimes but not nearly as much or as bad as I used to. What's actually bothering me more is my back and chest. They aren't bad at all, but what is there is embarrasing. I would like to know what steps to take to prevent break outs on my chest and back, over the counter if possible. I know different things work for different people, but I would like to get a rough idea where to start! Thanks in advance!

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Also I should add, I've been using Pro Active BP 2.5% wash on my face w/the 2.5% repairing lotion and on my chest and back I have been using the Proactiv SA wash and SA lotion and I still break out here and there sad.gif

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I have been using the Nucelle products from Skincarerx.com for about 6 weeks.I was really pleased that not only did my breakouts on my face, chest and back improve, my skin is really soft and very smooth. My massage therapist noticed and said "Whatever you are doing to your skin, keep it up. It is so soft." I was lucky in that I never have gotten cysts on my back, but I would, several times a year, go to bed clear on my chest and back only to wake up with an explosion of whiteheads.The Proactiv helped somewhat, but the Nucelle has been a real gift for me. I really encourage folks to try it.

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