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Acne That Appears In The Exact Same Spot?

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I've noticed with my acne that a spot can heal, to what I think is completely, leave a post-acne mark and then it will flare up again in the exact same spot.

It might be a few weeks or a month before it happens, but it usually does and the red mark hasn't faded before it does.

Is this a certain type of acne? Why does it do this? Could the reason this happens be because I've messed with it by picking/popping it? (I know that's bad to do - I'm trying to stop completely, and I've made progress to doing it less :) )

To me it just looks like inflamed acne that doesn't come to a head.

Thanks for your help :)

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There could be two things going on here:

1) If it is traditional acne caused by a sebum plug: Sometimes when you've had acne in one spot the pore can get "impacted". Basically the sebum is so far down that the plug never comes out. So it will continually get inflamed. For an impacted pore, the only things that have helped me are cortisone shots from the derm and about 4-6 months of Retin A.

2) If it is a hormonal cyst, then it has little to do with sebum. Hormonal cysts tend to come up and recede as your hormones fluctuate. Although they have pus and other fluid in them, their root cause isn't a sebum plug. It is not entirely understood why hormonal cysts appear on certain spots of the skin. These just don't go away until you fix the hormone problem.

It sounds like #2 for me. My impacted plugs never really receded and flared up again, they just never went away in the first place.

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I think it could be a combination of both of those. I'd say the larger, and sometimes painful, ones that I get around my chin would be the hormonal ones described. I also get these acne spots that flare up again and again on my cheeks and I think those may better suit the first possibility you mentioned but I'm not sure about those ones...

Thanks for your help :)

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