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salad - iceberg, carrots, cabbage. huge bag from costco

chicken. cooked in olive oil. also precooked chicken from costco that just says "chicken. chicken stock. salt"

frozen turkey burgers

frozen vegetables- ingredients: broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, yellow carrots

bubbies pickles and saurkraut.

miso Master organic soy paste to make miso soup (is there probiotics in this?)


sushi sometimes.


boltland farms organic carrot juice (kirkland again) -ingredients: organic carrot juice.

kirckland granulated garlic in cooking.



90-93% ground beef stirfried in olive oil.

I can't really eat yogurt or kefir. I've tried and it makes my face brake out really badly.

I used to eat Mary's Gone crackers and Bob's gluten free pancake mix, but theyve been cut out with this diet (sigh)

Also for some reason all fruit seems to contribute to inflammation and redness. sucks.

I do notice some whiteness on my tounge in the back of my mouth. Does this mean that I have candidasis? I have taken antibiotics for about a year maybe starting two years ago. i'm worried that my gut is really messed up.


rite aid- probiotic digestive care

bifidobacterium infantis 10mg

15 mg blend of:

bifidobacterium lactis

bifidobacterium longum

bifidobacterium bifidum



boularadil lyo 250mg

lactose 33mg

jarro-dophilus eps probiotic

blend of 8 strains 5 billion organisms

L. rhamnousr0011

pediococcus acidilactici r1001

b. longum

b. breve r0070

l. helveticus (L. acidophilus) R0052

L. plantarum

lactoccocous lactis ssp. lactis r1058

Which of these should I take? Or you can recommend me a better one: )

Also should I take this on an empty stomach or with meals?

Suppose I do have fungi in my gut. Will the probiotics kill it or should I be taking some sort of antifungal medicine?


Good luck to me and anyone doing this.

Another really wierd thing is that I dont like powder pills that come in capsuls. I feel like these are correlated to worse looking skin.

Also is it ok to take the powder out, mix it in water, and then drink it.

for got to mention these in supplements:

Nature's plus ultra-zyme digestive enzyme

vitamin shoppe omega 3 fish oil 300epa/200dha

im a 21 y old male 140-150 lbs

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I would look for a probiotic that contains bifidobacterium bifidum. It is the only probiotic that has really been shown to combat H. pylori, which is found in unusually high levels in acne sufferers.

I would also check to see if your probiotic requires refrigeration and if it is refrigerated by the vendor you buy from. I recently realized that the most potent probiotics usually require refrigeration, but unless you buy straight from the manufacturer, they end up getting thrown in a box by the vendor somewhere before being shipped to you. If the probiotic isn't stored at optimal temperature most of it could be dead by the time you get it.

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Thanks for the heads up. I just bought essence labs candex from a vitamin shop. I just ate so Ill take it in an hour or two.

Green Gables, Ive been hardcore on the probiotics and probiotic foods for a week now and dont really notice anything.

Did you take a candida-killing supplement too when you were going through this?

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Update for anyone who's curious. It's been about 4 days since I started taking candex. I think it has imploves my face slightly. I have had small pimples coming up, but they are pretty small and not much pus filled. My face looks better than 4 days ago, but nowhere near perfect. I guess I should just give it more time to see how it plays out.

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You really get what you pay for in probiotics. Make sure you are buying probiotics that require refridgeration, most of the shelf crap is dead. Also make sure that the company guarantees delivery (delivery system that can survive the stomachs PH), and make sure they guarantee probiotic life up until date of expiration. All these will steps will insure you are getting the most out of the supplement.

I personally use Theralac. It's amazing stuff.

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I'd like to try that stuff, but my god, how on earth do you ever afford it? You must be rich, lol. 50 dollars for 30 capsules? Wow.

It helps to know what i'm spending my money on is actually working! And after using a pretty intensive loading dose, it doesn't cost that much.

Taken from the website:

For probiotic supplements to be of maximum value they must work FAST. Theralac works fast. The cost of the bottle does not relate to the cost of using the product on a weekly basis. At Theralac's maintenance dose of two capsules per week, the cost is less that $3.00 per week. . . That is Value! Theralac® guarantees 30 billion CFU at expiration, not time of manufacture.

One bottle lasts 10 weeks on the standard dose program: one capsule daily for 2 weeks followed by 2 capsules per week thereafter. One bottle lasts for 15 weeks on the maintenance dose of 2 capsule per week.

Theralac® is the best value in probiotics.

  1. Theralac uses TIP - Totally Inert Packaging allows up to 30 days of storage at room temperature. Best if refrigerated.
  2. Theralac delivers 30 Billion CFU through expiration and is formulated at 40 BILLION CFU.
  3. Theralac contains two prebiotics - LactoStim® and lactoferrin. These are effective at mg quantities.
  4. Theralac has Deep Release technology that covers the entire GI Tract.
  5. Theralac costs less than $4.50 per week on the standard dose program.
  6. Once intestinal balance is achieved, Theralac costs less than $3.00 per week on the maintenance dose.

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Something was wrong with either my pre-coked chicken or frozen vegetables because they other day I was having horrible gas (felt bad for people around me) and my face just exploded. I've been looking at white fox's posts. I just bought some chicken wings (frozen, plain), lots of canned tuna, sardines, salad, and brown rice/ quinoa. I know the last thing is off limits in some diets, but it's the only grainy thing that doesn't make me break out. I also just picked up some oil of oregeno. It's supposed to kill off bacteria and fungus too, so in addition to the candex I will be taking that. Pimples dont seem to be growing or shrinking today. It's been about 5 days since I started taking candex.

Praying this works...

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I stopped taking probiotics. After a few tests I have deduced that they were causing me to break out. I think it's because of my "leaky gut"

I will try to add back in probiotics in a few weeks.

I dont want to jinx myself, but my skin has actually been looking pretty good lately.

I've been on a low FODMAP diet (look it up) and eating foods to help heal "leaky gut" intestines (bone broth and L-Glutamine powder)

Also, I've been doing daniel kern-style face washing. I think that is really helping.

I didn't understand this at first but his regimen is to just "wear" benzoyl peroxide ALL THE TIME.

It's a little uncomfortable at first, but if you think about it just using it as a wash and rubbing some bp around on your face it might not kill the acne causing bacteria. Letting it get real deep down into your skin will allow it to kill this acne-causing bacteria (or at least it seems like something that could be true)

Anyone who has a more scientific explanation of this phenomenom is encouraged to post some knowledge.

Anyway, I would recommend everyone try it out (again if you tried it before, like me). Don't use prescription grade wash for it either. Look for a 2.5% benzoyle peroxide. I just caved in and ordered the bp from this site, but I've been using this 2.5% bp foam that seems to be doing an alright job.

I will post in a week to tell you all how it's going.

By the way. I also went through a round of Humaworm.

Don't waste your time with other parasite/candida cleansers.

This works and kills EVERYTHING.

You can FEEL it working

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