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Update - TCA peel (seventh day )

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well . wow smile.gif

anyone knows of a greeting card saying : "congratulation for your new skin ? " to send for my self smile.gif))

well ... first things first - :

i feel like Jack Bauwer going the worse 24 hours in his life , but now i am back - with an update smile.gif

last night i got some skin that was washed off with water . and maybe it was my fault because i was too heisty. it was on my forehead - and it burnt like a tour in hell with two jellowfish on my forehead


i will spare you the details - but the burn passed away only a few hours ago . it was terrible. horrible painful. and didn't stopped. i washed it with water, moistured it. nothing helped. i slept with a fan right on my face cause the burn was too awful. i couldn't much call my doctor it was Friday night etc. i have to admit this was the only moment i thought - this peel wasn't worth it smile.gif

well. it's over with now smile.gif

to the point- my face is 90% peeled off. i tried to take more pictures for u - but i have a problem with my cam. hopefully the next days .

my face has never looked so clear. i was in the shower now, washed my face. came close to the mirror. amazing. i could just go out like this to ..everywhere.

to be honest - there are number of spots on the face that very faded brown pigmentation has stayed. it's mostly where big flat-moles where. and i don't want to be pessimistic, but from knowing my face - if there is a small brown spot - it will get darker over time. i hope this time i can delay them sad.gif

but don't get me wrong - the improvment is remarkable.

i can more than recommend this treatment to anyone who has pigmentation and brown spots - you WILL not belive the difference. i know it sounds like a commercial - but you can check my pictures on the card. they are real.

and i really don't have and interese to do a commercial to a general method like TCA smile.gif

the texture of my skin is very young now, althogh i have to admit that the major texture hasn't changed (just like my doctor told me before) - meaning : the area between my eyes and cheecks is reddy (like flushed) - and it stayed like this.

some small pigmentation is still "underskin" , and pores near nose and under eyes - although they look much much much clearer - are still there .

as for red marks - i can't much comment on that - because - the procedure as my doctor said - don't take much care of red marks. now my texture is quite pinkish and blushed so i can't say whether marks disappeared, or just disappeared in the color of my skin - but - no doubt - right now my skin look like i can go out of the house - not evn looking in the mirror to check my complexion. it's perfect smile.gif

i wish i could have forced everyone who suffered from a problem like mine to do this procedure.

by the way - i got addicted to Vaseline - it makes my skin looks amazing. if it weren't so sticky to the touch (i guess it's also impossible to put SS on top).

if anyone here has now suggestion to specific products i can start using keep as much the new qualities of my 'new' skin - i'll be glad smile.gif

thank you very much guys (and Tracy smile.gif

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Guest Tracy

I'm glad to hear you're almost completely peeled. Remember to use sunscreen every day so the brown marks don't get darker.

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i've heard of the Bioderma 'spot' sunscreen (something like that) . but couldn't find any site that delivers it internattionaly sad.gif can you help maybe ?

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