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madecassol, works but don't know where to get!

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I'm new here so the first thing I would like to say is HI!

ok, cut the crap. During my 3 week holiday in Hong Kong I bought this cream called madecassol under the the recommendation of the boss in this pharmacy. I've been plagued by the heat and it seems growing more acne & pigmentation is inevitable. I decided to give it ago (Although I don't tend to believe in chinese salesman as they are usually dodgey.) I applied it according to the instructions and to my surprise, the things worked. Looking at my face now, usually my pigmentations tends to last over a year before it fades away. The areas with madecassol have now faded away, in under 2 months.

However my sister 'accidentally' dumped my saving grace and now I'm desperately seeking a replacement ASAP as brown marks are building up and it doesn't look good. I checked google and what I can find it minimal. The one I used was a 2% (I think) and the ones I can find sells nothing over 1%.

Can anyone help me to look for it?

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i have a question to the ones who used the madecassol before.. :think:

it is generally prescribed for the burns,scars etc..it helps old and new scars resulting from surgery, injury, burns, acne, wrinkle and stretch marks appear softer and smoother. it contains "Centella asiatica"

ive been on it for two days and it started to peel the dead skin on my face...i use it in order to get rid of the whiteheads that clog my pores...

i really need ur comments.. Should i go on or give up it ? Have u seen its effect?

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