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Please Use Tags, All. Makes It Easier To Search. Anyway, Bruising--Anyone Else Struggling? (Rop)

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My history: three years of my life in total on Accutane (30-60 mg and back down again) with bone spurs and serious depression/fatigue (be warned if you are thinking of starting, folks--to be fair, I have a genetic predispotion to both conditions, but you will need to document and tell your doctor of all syptoms) = dryish, nonelastic skin with mild acne.

Since September 2009: 50-100 MG Spiro; I am not taking it with a birth control pill. I am anemic so I take iron, I take a multivitamin, my blood tests come back showing problems with heightened potassium levels (at worst), but nothing serious. I'm on 50 mg because I hated that Spiro was making me retain water (I know--unexpected side effect in a diuretic, but it's still a problem, frankly), causes some mild fatigue and joint pain, and worse, has started thinning my hair at the crown. Ibuprofen only helps so much with the side effects of joint/muscle pain.

I am having horrible bruising problems and poor circulation in general, but now I can't shave my legs or tap a shin within getting a bruise. I don't press the blade too hard and I use shaving gel. Acne marks last forever. I have red stripes, broken capillaries, and collapsed pores or extra wide pores/follicles on my cheeks on this drug. Retinoids like Retin-A have never worked for me alone; they only did when I was on Accutane.

It isn't just painful--it's ugly. I can't wear shorts anymore.

Am I the only one dealing with this? It's just one more burden on top of lasting acne marks (that which never lasted this long when I was on Accutane, which I really would like to avoid going back on) and acne itself.

Is anyone else dealing with horrible depigmentation in general after taking Spiro?

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Didn't you already make a post about this? And didn't you mention that you were on one or two other medications as well (Prozac or something similar)?

But to answer your question, personally, no I have not experienced anything remotely close to what you're describing.

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