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Sounds gross but help!

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so its been about a 3 weeks and half since i started using accutane...what i difference....have no breakouts, other than one tiny pimple on my forehead, and dry skin and dry lips...but nothing serious....my skin has decreased so much in oil produciton that I can acutally get away with washing my face only once a day (not that I do that) AND not blotting my face with a paper towel.......I was in class the other day and went to the bathroom....I used one of those brown paper towels to blot my face...those brown paper towels are cool 'cause you can actually see the oil on it...u guys know what im talking about? well anyway..usually when i blot my face, I can see an oil imprint of my nose! (nasty eh?)...but now, I see NOTHING....even after 8 hrs of washing my face! no more beads of oil comin out of my pores!!

But this morning something interesting happened...i felt my skin just above my nose, and adjacent to it (the skin underneath the eyes but near the mid level of your nose).......these two areas have the most blackheads for me....but this morning, as I ran my finger across these areas, i noticed that they felt very bumpy, like little spikes...so I went to the mirror and low and behold, i see little white firm thin spike-like things sticking out of my skin, where the black heads used to be....i lightly scratched one of them, and the ENTIRE blackhead plug came right out.....

so my question is this...should i just scratch 'em all out? or should i just leave them there? Im kinda self concious...if you come close enuff to my skin u can see these minisucle plug protruding...any suggestions?

OH - and my advice to avoid the intial breakout:

Lots of people say not to put any topicals while on this treatment 'cause it irritates your skin....but if you've already been on a topical, continue you with it and just put on less according to the irritation/drying level, or put on more moisterizer....

I usually put 8% bp on my face......while on accutane, i contunred to place bp on my face, although a bit less...i found that my cheeks would get a lot dryer when i put on bp, so i put on more moisturizer....and you know what? it worked!

Going on accutane, there really isnt anything killing the bacteria...so maybe that may contribute to the initial breakout - patients just cutting back cold turkey on their topicals....if you put the topicals on, at least your killing the bacteria during the day...

If your skin is dry, I HIGHLY suggest putting on BP, and then smearing some moisturizer over it...anyone try this? It worked for me! (or maybe Im just stupid and I havent got the intial break out yet eusa_doh.gif )

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Best to leave them alone and they will come out in their own time ( usually when the skin is loosened in the shower / bathtob ) you can a use tepid to slightly warm compress to speed up the process, and maybe even use a cotton ball if you want to get rid of them fast.

Accutane is great in removing blackheads, for it causes the blackheads to let go of the skin and disappear. Moreover accutane reduces the reaction of the skin to infections ( that goes with the redness ) and makes the bacteria that causes the infection to disappear slowly but surely.

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