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What Would You Try Next If You Were Me?

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Hello :)

I'll try to give you a short back history on my acne ;)

Started getting acne around age 12, it wasn't too bad until I was like 14 or 15, at that point I had acne EVERYWHERE, very inflamed, red, deep, painful, infected acne all over my cheeks, forehead, temples, etc - Tried a prescription strength benzyl peroxide and anti-biotic cream for awhile but it didn't help.

Tried all the Wal-mart and home remedies junk until I was about 16 - finally a friend of the family took pity on me and sent me to an esthetician...

Went to the esthetician every three weeks for about 9 months - She took my acne from severe to mild/moderate. No more deep painful acne, no more infection, no more cystic acne.

Now I'm 17 (almost 18) And I just have lots of blackheads and tons of those annoying little white heads everywhere. Especially around my mouth and some on my forehead. Not to mention lots of scarring but I don't care much about that - if only I could get rid of the last of this stubborn acne! :(

Started BC (Ortho Tri-Cyclen) about two months ago and it helped some but not a ton.

I don't want to take anti-biotics because they don't work long term, and it'll interfere with my BC anyways. And don't even mention Accutane because it's not worth it for the amount of acne I have...

So I'm thinking about going to the doctor for some type of acne cream but I don't want benzyl peroxide because it didn't help the first time I tried it... Maybe some other cream perhaps?

What do you guys think I should try?

Oh... and yes I tried eating EXTREMELY healthy for about 4-5 months, it helped a bit - I think O.o But it wasn't my cure. (low GI, lots of vegetables, lots of water, no sugar, no dairy, etc)

Help! :(

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I hestitate to reply to this because I feel that you have a bit of a defensive tone, e.g. you've tried a number of things and are convinced that there's a magic bullet out there for what you have left. Anyway. These are my two recommendations.

1) Salicylic acid peel. 20-30%. Series of 2 or 3. There is really nothing else out there that gets clogged pores like a professional BHA peel. It is strong enough to really get into the pores and dissolve the sebum. Only salicylic acid can actually dissolve the sebum in the pore.

2) Take a look at the post in my sig "WhiteFox's gut flora regimen." While your attempt at diet was admirable, it is not just about eating healthy, it is about restoring the good bacteria in your gut. Your gut is supposed to have billions of good bacteria to fight bad bacteria and infection. Without a properly functioning gut flora, your body will always be in a state of chronic inflammation which is often manifested as acne. The only way to really restore this part of the immune system is daily probiotics that contain billions of cultures and many different strains of good bacteria. The one I use has 50 billion cultures of 10 strains.

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A sulfur based cleanser or lotion might be an antibacterial alternative worth asking your doc about. I have mild acne and am not able to tolerate BP or SA (too drying/irritating). My derm prescribed a 10% sodium sulfacetamide/ 5% sulfur cleanser that has cleared me up pretty well without irritation. You might like it as well. Good luck with your search.

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Thanks guys! And yeah sorry if I sound defensive :/ I've just tried so many things and nothing has worked all the way, so I'm getting kind of hopeless...

I like the idea of a sulfur cream, I was actually planning on asking my Doc about that.

I'm using a 3 step regimen that is based on SA, and it has been helping too, so I agree that it's pretty good stuff.

I'm a little hesitant to go on a crazy diet/eating-plan because everyone on here has a way different opinion on what "the cure" is when it comes to eating, so I've kind of given up on it...

But I'll ask the Doc about a sulfur cream and let you guys know how it goes :)

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