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Need Some Help, Made A Bad Mistake

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Guys i made a really stupid and mad mistake. I had these two medium sized pimples on my shoulders that were red and hurt a little bit. I thought i would try applying some polysporin to them and than applying a band-aid over them. I used a band-aid like this:


Except my band-aid instead of being clear is brown colored.

I was hoping the polysporin + band-aid would reduce the inflammation but my god.... these two pimples are like 3 TIMES bigger and redder. I am so scared now. What should i do?

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I forgot to add though that the pimples i applied the polysporin and bandaid to only got more inflamed/bigger after i took the band aid off. I kept the bandaid and polysporin on them for about 4-5 hours, and while i was showering, i peeled the band-aid off. It did not require too much force to peel the bandaid off, but it didn't come off very easily either. I hope i didn't irritate my pimples too much this way...i am so worried

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Try some Epsom salt. You can't get it at any drug store. Don't buy the scented kind. Put two cups of the Epsom salt in a full bath tub. Soak for 20 mins. While you're in the epsom salt bath use a wash cloth or poof to wash your shoulders. Do not use soap while in the bath. Just let the Epsom salt do its thing. You can also make a paste of the Epsom salt and apply it to the acne. This will work trust me!

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