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Tazorac + BP Log!

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Woo here I go starting a log! I think I might as well! But I'm not going to post more than once a week because it's unrealistic to expect any sort of non-random improvement in a couple days...!

History: Acne since I was 12 (18 now), clearasil for a few years when really mild, clindamycin for a few years when only slightly worse, then this summer it exploded worse so I went on retin-a micro + clindamycin for 4 months, which yielded mild improvement. My derm gave me tazorac and clinac BPO a few days ago and that's when I started. I'm also moisturizing once a day.

When I started I had no true pimples, just a lot of little whiteheads on my forehead and nose.

Ok one week update should be on tuesday! Bye yas~! eusa_dance.gif

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Okay so this is my first update in my Taz log, and it's been a week since I started.

I am only applying Taz on my nose and forehead areas, because those are my worst areas. Other areas see acne, but not enough for me to...care. So Taz's efficacy can only be judged by those two parts of my face. So far, no changes. Still get the random annoying breakouts, nothing particularly better or worse than before I started.

However, I will no longer be using BP because it seems as though I am HIGHLY allergic. I tested it on 4 spots on my face, and the areas around those spots within about 2 inches are all blown up and rashy. I can't even move my mouth cause my chin and upper lip are so rashy. Eeek. sad.gif BP is bad, I"m going back to using topical clindamycin in the mornings. It never helped that much, but maybe it will until I can get another antibiotic mad.gif

Okay seeya guys in another week! eusa_dance.gif

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2nd update, end of week 2.

My forehead and nose dont look TOO terrible right now...BUT they are covered in tons of little pimples forming, which means in a few days from now my face will look like all hell. Yay. I was hoping I wouldn't have an initial breakout cause I switched directly from retin-a micro, but this looks to me like I very well might this next week.

My non-problem areas are becoming more of a problem lately, too. Grr. Very frustrating. Gonna try tree tea oil on my not so bad areas and see if it tones them down a bt...don't wanna have to Taz them quite yet...

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3rd update, end of week 3.

Well, if I'm having an initial breakout it wasn't last week. My forehead only had a few, mostly small, pimples all week. My nose, however, was a mess. I'm breaking out a little now, unfortuantely. But overall, so far it's about the same as when I started, perhaps a TAD better....but I'm not chalking that up to the Taz, just to fluctuations in the acne cycle.

I've been using tea tree oil and salicyclic acid on my 'less' problematic areas, and it seems about the same so far. It's only been a week, so I'll give it a few more.

Well that's about it, not much new to update yet. Let's see if the big breakout is in the week to come! eusa_dance.gif (OK, so that's not the appropriate smilie, but he's just sexy!)

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Update 4, End of 4th week

So it's been a month since I started Tazorac, and it's been up and down slightly, though for the most part not too horrible, with the exception of last week. This past week was awful and I hope it doesn't continue, cause the marks it gives me are painful for me to look at cry.gif So my verdict so far is: grrr. My skin looks like ass, but I gotta give it another month and maybe it will get better. Lots of people are saying they had great luck with tazorac, so I've still got some hope.

The funny thing is that before I started going on all these acne meds, the zits never left spots after they died. They just died and were gone. Now they stick around for weeks afterward cry.gif

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Update 5, End of week 5

Well this past week my face was pretty close to clear....at least, close enough for me. I'm not looking for absolutely perfect skin anyway XD I was starting to think maybe it was starting to work but I broke out again yesterday....so maybe not yet....but we'll see how bad this breakout gets, maybe it won't get as severe as usual...we shall see!

I'll give this another month before tanking it.

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Update 6, end of week 6.

Skin's not too awful at the moment. At any rate, it's been worse. The cream didn't seem to be doing anything so I switched to the .05% gel so for the past few days I've been using that. My new few updates will tell whether the switch from cream to gel made much of a difference..or any at all.

One thing I have noticed is that where I don't have any pimples, my skin seems REALLY smooth. Much smoother than areas where I didnt put the tazorac. Now, if only I could get rid of the pimples, my skin would feel awesome to touch smile.gif

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One thing I have noticed is that where I don't have any pimples, my skin seems REALLY smooth.  Much smoother than areas where I didnt put the tazorac.  Now, if only I could get rid of the pimples, my skin would feel awesome to touch  smile.gif

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Thanks, and tazorac is a vitamin a derivative that is supposedly simliar in action to other meds like retin-a and differin and the like. I've heard from some that it is stronger, but I wouldn't know from experience since it hasn't seemed to work on me yet...XD It comes in a cream or a gel, whichever you prefer I think. I started on the cream and just switched to the gel because 1. the cream was very oily, and I have oily skin and 2. some people have said the gel works better on acne...so I'm giving it a shot! Hope that helps.

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Update 7, end of week 7

Still using the tazorac gel, and added a gel called 'finacea' (azelaic acid) to use instead of clindamycin phosphate, which I had seemed to have become immune to. Last week my skin broke out really badly right before starting the finacea. THe past few days haven't been so bad, my face is OK other than my forehead. Actually, my forehead's OK ish...acceptable...if my face stayed like this consistantly, I'd be quite satisfied, and would recommend tazoarc and finacea. However, I'm not stupid enough to think it'll stay this nice... eusa_wall.gif

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