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Connor Cliche

Anything In The Works For A Spot Treatment?

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I've been a user of Acne.org's products, resources, and information for about three years now. Never been clearer! I've been fine-tuning my personal regimen to tailor it to my specific needs, all while keeping Dan's universal regimen as a base. It has worked flawlessly.

However, even though some of us are 99-100% clear, there still are a few problematic pimples that squeeze themselves in every once in a while. I've been using Clean & Clear and Neutrogena's Spot Treatments for just under a year (it takes me roughly 6 months to finish one little tube, since you don't often need much at all). They don't really do much at all... or so I haven't noticed?

I remember Dan talking about a possible spot treatment that was salicylic-acid based. Is there anything currently in the works? Or is there anything Dan himself can/does recommend for spot treatment? I have used Polysporin in the past, but it's comedogenic and clogs pores, which kind of worries me that it's doing more harm than not.

Thanks a lot Acne.org! I really appreciate your help, yet again.


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I don't use the regimen or the acne.org products but I do remember hearing that the acne.org AHA can be used as a spot treatment. You can check out a video of Dan showing how it's used as a spot treatment

I don't know if there are any others in the works or not though.

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Ah, I already use AHA+ religiously! I have the 16 oZ bottle. It lasts me a while. It's a lifesaver but I don't think it fairs out well as a spot treatmen! Thank you so much though, guys!

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My esthetician used to tell me to spot treat by putting a dab of BP on, let it dry, and then apply sulfur on the top. That worked when I used BP.

Now I just use AHA, and it seems to work as a spot treatment. The normal application should be a thin coat. Try dabbing it on a bit thicker a couple times a day and see how that works on your spots.

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I use aztec indian healing clay mix it with a bit of apple cider vinegar. Works very good for spot treatments, it will dry out the pimple after 2 application

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