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Tca Cross Horror

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I went to this doctor i've been going to 2 weeks ago for my second cross treatmen on two deep ice pick scars. The first sitting yielded some pretty good results. I have these scars on my jawline. I believe the doctor didn't apply cross to the scar but in the whole are and kind of spilled it. He used tca 25%. Today after almost 2 weeks when the huge scab fell off it revealed a huge crater and i'm depressed. I traded a huge crater for two small deep scars. I hate my decision now of going to this doctor. I'm uploading the picture.. Guys please suggest what should I do. I've very depressed now cause this scar is so huge and very visible. :-(

how to upload picture? Its giving me trouble.

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Add it as an attachment from your computer, or upload to some photo hosting site and paste the url here (after clicking the image picture).

Sorry to hear about your bad Cross experience. :( I hope the new scar improves over time. My tca cross doctor claimed scars couldn't get worse after cross because the acid doesn't go deep enough, but I find that very hard to believe.

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25% TCA should not have caused a "huge crater". Did the scab fall off prematurely or did your skin become infected? Normally, for TCA Cross to be effective on ice pick scars, you need a minimum of 65% TCA. Most doctors use 90-100% TCA for optimal results. I had complications from TCA Cross and ended up with worse scarring but my doctor used 90% TCA. My skin reacted poorly. It took 2 weeks, possibly longer, for the scabs to fall off on their own. Please post a pic.

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Stay away from TCA cross, some say they had good results, but it can also turn ugly fast...making a small scar into a larger one.

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This thread reminded me that last time I had TCA cross about a year ago, one of my scabs fell prematurely during the night (I assume I must have rubbed the scab in my sleep or something). It was around day 6-7 when it happened, but all my other scabs have always stayed on for 10-16 days after cross.The resulting scar looked incredibly red and raw, and clearly more noticeable and deeper. I called my doctor in panic, and he reassured me that this couldn't have possibly made my scar worse and it only looks that way for a short while after the scab has come off.

Still to this day, I think it looks worse than it did before, although I do now pay much more attention to it, so I can't be sure. I didn't have before pictures, so there isn't anything concrete to compare it with apart from my memory, which is really a shame. Nevertheless, considering that only one or two scars have had any noticeable improvement, I'm not so sure if TCA cross is worth the effort and risk in my case.

Hope your situation looks better by now, OP. Keep us posted!

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