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1 Year Regimen Anniversary

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I waited a whole year to write this!

Yes, the regimen has worked wonderfully for me. I had moderate cystic acne for almost ten years, had tried Proactiv and prescriptions meds from the derm, and results were always temporary. This past year, I have had smooth, consistently clear skin, with the only problem being some dryness now and then, esp near my jawline. Other than that, I have no complaints. I wash with Cetaphil, use Dan's BP gel, and moisturize with Eucerin Renewal. Every now and then, esp when I don't get enough sleep, I will break out a little, but that's normal. This is a great, simple routine, and it cleared up some pretty nasty acne for me. And I highly recommend buying Dan's BP Gel. versus anything else. It blows away any other bp I've ever used, and it's very inexpensive.

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Guest Captain Chaos

glad it all worked for you, i'm approaching week 6 of the regimen, i'm seeing a slight improvment but i think its due to the green tea more than the BP..

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i think its my 1 year aniversary too woops nvm 4 more months : smile.gif

i think Bp has worked great ! i thank dan for this regimen i still get some pimples sometimes white heads at times but they are small ones nothing harmfull, i still got some scars red marks from my before acne and they dont seem to fade.. sad.gif now this is what im fighting

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But think of how many things we do for ourselves that require daily upkeep, like:


Brushing our teeth

Making the bed

Doing the dishes

Putting on deoderant

Wearing makeup, exercising, eating healthy (for some)

Using bp everyday is just part of my daily routine, and since my skin has been clear, I do consider the results long-term.

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My one year is in November... I would have liked to see better results but then again the majority of marks on my face are scars and pigmentation... I dont get a lot of pimples and once in a while they are pretty small and clear fast (cept the one under my bottom lip) LOL. Maybe once a month i will get a larger pimple that won't go away as fast as the smaller ones but its nothing to what I had.

The next thing (since I feel my breakouts are under control) is to do something about these scars. The red marks are a lot better than before but my face has dents in it. grrrrrrrrrr.

I am so glad I found this site. When i wake up i can look in the mirror and i am actually satisfied with what I see.

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Glad to hear about your successes. Please stick around and keep helping people through the regimen. I appreciate your posts so far!


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