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..help! Face Is Just A Disaster..

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at 25, I can now say I've been dealing with acne for over half my life..which isn't fun, but I'm really glad there are communities like this who may be able to help!

my face has two major issues right now:

all these tiny bumps. forehead especially, from temple to temple, some behind my ears, chin line, nose, cheeks..though cheeks also have this thing where they look like the tiny bumps, but the skin is smooth. the color of them kind of changes..sometimes they are a pale pink, other times an angry red.

I'm not sure where to categorize these in the acne spectrum, whether these are acne, scars, a mixture of both, some other skin condition all together...

I just want them to go away. I've tried pretty much everything short of Accutane since I was 12, and nothing ever truly worked. Right now I'm trying: Carley's Clear&Smooth, M2 lotion, and the acne.org AHA. and, well, no luck just yet.

sooo I attached pictures of this problem, and I'm begging for suggestions on how to treat this. It's possible I'm using all the wrong products, because I don't really know what they are, in which case I'll switch to something new ASAP!

The second issue is that I'm pretty sure years of benzoyl peroxide has prematurely aged my face a bit. 25? I should not have crows feet.

so now I also need a treatment for these unwelcome lines on my face.

PLEASE if you have any ideas. I can't stand this eusa_pray.gif thank youwavey.gifpost-75631-0-01381800-1344646769.jpg post-75631-0-29428000-1344646781.jpg post-75631-0-20506300-1344646893_thumb.j

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Hey there. I'm not sure what those are on your forehead. They don't look exactly like scars, but at the same time they're not red and inflamed like typical acne lesions. They look almost skin-colored to me. Your cheeks look really good there's just minimal scarring there from what I can see. I would suggest a visit to the dermatologist about your forehead if you haven't gone to one already...because it doesn't look like garden variety acne for some reason. Good luck with whatever you decide!

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As far as the aging goes, your face looks perfectly normal for 25, actually looks a bit younger than most. I'm not sure what kind of people you spend time around, but there are definitely plenty of normal people in their mid twenties with crows feet and wrinkles FAR worse than yours. I agree that benzoyl peroxide isn't the best thing for your face, but don't freak yourself out over premature aging.

As for the bumps, there is a huge thread that covers the exact problem you are having here: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/topic/155021-help-what-are-all-these-tiny-bumps-on-my-forehead/

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From the pictures your acne looks pretty controlled except for the forehead, which kind of looks rashy to me.

I tend to get that bumpy rashy look too and using the glycolic acid has pretty much cleared it up. I was not having the same kind of results with Dan's as I've had now with Lumiplexion. Dan's is a creamy AHA that comes in a big tube for $17. Lumiplexion comes in a clear 2 oz pump gel for $17. It's more concentrated I believe because it seems to do more for my skin plus doesn't have as much "creamy" stuff to it. It will still last you several months because you use so little.

I am using 12% now, as I did 10% for about a month. I think my skin was too used to the 10% or it just wasn't strong enough because the 12% has made a big difference.

As far as the Carly's treatment, could it be interfering with the glycolic (AHA)??? I don't know. Have you noticed improvement with Carly's? Did you start the Carly's and AHA separately so you could see how you reacted to each one?

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I am very confident that what you have is acne, but a dermatologist can obviously provide the best diagnosis.

I would go on a regimen of simply Cetaphil and Salicylic acid. It's strange that you're worried about BP prematurely aging your skin, yet apparently you're still using BP based on the products you've listed.

I think your main line of attack should be oral medications. Have you thought about going on spironolactone? I think topical treatments can only have so much of an effect;a combined therapy of doxycycline and spironolactone should improve these bumps significantly.

BTW, you're fortunate in that despite how long you've been suffering from acne, there is no real visible signs of scarring.

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AHA helps with closed comedones... it just takes a while (about 2 weeks to a month) to work them out but it has worked for me!

wanted to follow up..went to the dermatologist, and she did say these were closed comedones. and that there isn't really a cure wacko.png that it might just be how my skin is..not good news! She said that they usually prescribe topicals like Differin and Tazorac, which would always cause massive breakouts. I don't need a huge initial breakout. Also suggested PDT, which I did have done 4 years ago. I think it helped temporarily, but of course it came back. I'd consider it more if insurance covered it, I just don't have $900 to spend on it.

I'm down to 2 thoughts now.

Should I give the Regimen a try? would there be a severe initial breakout like I have with the prescription treatments? would it work for this type of acne? I just want something that will make the bumps go away..unsure.png

the other thought was almost an elephant in the room when she mentioned it, that the closest thing we have to a cure is Accutane. haven't had clear skin in over 13 years, and I never really considered it. Maybe I should. I don't know.

advice much needed. thank you lovelies wub.png

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so did u finally take accutane?

have u ever thought of azithromycin?

did u try a simple low % yet effective salicylic face wash?

i highly suggest it.

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If you haven't yet tried the regimen, I think you should try it. I started it about 6 weeks ago with Cetaphil, Neutrogena On the Spot, and my night and day moisturizers. My skin is the clearest it's been in decades - seriously! there was no initial breakout. HTH

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Did you try fixing your diet?

try using extra virgin coconut oil on your face, it will clear up pimples and keeps your skin soft and wrinkle-free :)

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