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Guest Zitro

why am I touching my face -> my acne????

Guest Zitro

I don't know why but I started extracting the blackheads in my face, my shoulders, and I touch the acne under my chin causing 2 cysts.

This is destroying my confidence and I'm supposed to cure myself of acne, not exacerbate it! I don't know why I started again to pick. I stopped a long time ago.

Yesterday, I met a pretty girl who I'm sure she likes me and made me very happy because she appeared at the right moment and illuminated my heart. Anyways, I have some red spots on my cheeks that were caused by picking and my chin is a little red and has something like a nodule that is freaking me out (I did not touch that area, so it's not my fault). that thing + the red spots make me look less atractive and I'm afraid to see her now.

Can you give me somehints and advice (you can be harsh) on how to stop this madness? I know doing that is idiotic, I have no idea why I am doing this because I don't like doing it ; It gives no pleasure, only pain.

I am going to see my "comedome extractor" on satursday and see if she can remove the "ball" on my chin.

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My chin has alot of bumps on it. I think you should stop looking at the mirror and play video games. That always help me.

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