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What should I do next ? ....

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About 2 yrs ago I went to the Skin Dr. and he did the basic procedure for teatment. He fist gave me the standard cleanse aka soup and mouistrizor. That didn't work for me, then he went on the basic percription method. First was the Minocycline then the Doxycycline final the Tetracycline and that work for me just after I strated taking it for about a week it was so great and worked so well that if I didn't fell like washing my face I didn'y but then ..... cause ther is almost always a "but". After about a month or two I got sores in the corners of my mouth. Then after about 3-4 visits I couldn't afford any more visits so I stop going and just like clock work after not even a month was over the acne came back. Now 2-3 yrs later I find you can order tetracycline online with no percription. So I get some money together to get some more tetracycline. The amount I got was about 100 pill 250 mg each. I took 2 pills twice a day as I did before, when I was seeing the Dr.. Now I am low on pills and to concerve the pills when I was down to about 20 pills I taking them once a day. Now I at a point where I can make a choice.

they didn't work for my the way they did last time so I'll

1. Get more pills and take 750 mg twice a day for about a week or so and then go to the regular 500 mg twice a day for about 3 mo. and see what happends.

2. Get some thing eles to help me like then next step after tetracycline.

What should i do ???

Oh yea I'm glad I found this website forum ...

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i tried tetracycline first then erythromycin then doxycycline then trimethroprim. You should try changing antibiotics then if they stop workin switch again. Eventually i think you can start back on the original ones as your body will have lowered its immunity to them. I have cycled a few times. Trimethroprim is the best worked for over a year. Not sure if you have that in USA, its quite a new drug. Also, try differin at night and BP in morning after wash and shave.

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