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So It Took 23 Years, But Finally, Finally, I Found Something That Works, And It's Not Even Marketed To Treat Acne

First off, I've been at war with acne since 1988, actually, it's been tactical guerrilla warfare waged by acne, against which I've miraculously avoided a skinscape of those soul-killing battle scars.

So let's pretend it's early 2010, and here's where I'm at. I'm 37 and though I haven't had the rash of breakouts or anything like that in eons, I just mostly deal with the two, three breakouts here and there, some really apparent, and enough for me to feel sufficiently unattractive and uncomfortable in my skin. Compounding this is the daily application of all the facial products which give me an unpleasant, unnatural hue. By "products", I mean BP in the morning, topped by Aveeno sunscreen/moisturizer and then at night a retinoid or anti-keratinization gel, like Retin-A, Ziana, or Asalex. I've tried 'em all in the hope I'd find a combo that would prevent all breakouts.

But this was all done in the fear that if I didn't do "something", I'd get afflicted with that beard of blemishes that mortified me.

So over a year and a half ago, I started seeing a new dermatologist who suggested that I might wanna try periodic TCA peels, just to even out my skintone and allow my skin to "breathe". Okay, besides I thought that getting those peels would hold the aging process at bay.

So after getting my first peel, the physician's assistant who administered it gave me some sunblock samples, telling me to use them rather than any cream-based one, in fact, I was told to avoid all creams or aloe or anything like that for a week. But this TiZO3 sunblock she gave me was acceptible. At first, I was hesitant because all zinc and titanium-based sunblocks I've ever tried gave me a pale, ghostly complexion. The PA insisted that TiZO3 was different and that I should give it a try.

So the next day, I had to go outside and do some things, so I went ahead and applied the TiZO3 and I was surprised at how nice and silky it felt. Not only that, but the tint in it actually gave me a nice matte complexion (It was day one after the TCA peel, so I hadn't actually peeled yet). I really liked this stuff and thought that if I didn't break out maybe I'd consider using it as my sunblock of choice.

And then I noticed something. I wasn't breaking out anymore, especially, in the problem areas around my temples where I'd get all the clogged pores (you know, the ones you squeeze and the solid dark goodness comes out like toothpaste). I made a connection. Something in that TiZO3 was thwarting the development of acne. Zinc, we know, is good. But better than BP? Better than sulfur? Better than salicylic acid? All I had to do was wash with CeraVe, apply TiZO3 in the morning, and that was it. Nothing at night. No more Retin-A or stuff like that.

Could it have been the TCA peels that stopped the zits? No, the effect of those peels can't last 6 to 8 weeks between treatments. And my hunches about TiZO3 were confirmed when my PA recommended a nighttime cream, this one being NeoStrata bionic face cream. After using it, I started getting the breakout here and there again. But I didn't give up on the NeoStrata cream because I wanted to apply an anti-aging cream at night. I thought if I tried a sulfur wash, maybe that'd prevent breakouts, but it only made me breakout more.

And then it struck me that I should use TiZO3 in the morning and at night. So I did and voila, my skin has never looked better...and don't forget, I'm now 39. Even the pores on my nose have shrunk. Of course, the breakouts come occasionaly, but not enough to make me wanna slink into my shell.

So is it just me that's having this success with TiZO3? It could be unique to my skin. But I only allow CeraVe wash and TiZO3 to touch it. Nothing else. No aloe and no creams. I do not care what professionals say, creams, for the most part, will cause acne even if they claim otherwise, some creams much more acnegenic than others.

Why am I now posting this even though I had this epiphany a while ago? Laziness. Yeah, that's part of it, but I think alot of people depart these boards because they've found something that works and don't wanna revisit demons from the past.

So anyway, if anyone tries this regimen, I'd be interested in seeing how it works for them.

By the way, I do taking daily supplements of fish oil, niacinamide, and an iron solution known as Floradix, so those could be helping me, too.

Oh, and one more thing. I'm a male. An incredibly vain straight male, just in case some of you thought these words were coming from a female.

Actually, one more thing, TiZO3 can be purchased at Amazon or your friendly neighborhood dermatologist.

In closing, it's funny how I joined these boards in 2005 ranting about the Laser and Dermatololgy Institute of Beverly Hills. Those vile dirtbags. That location closed but those rat/roach hybrids still draw breath at three separate locations in the LA area. I can't believe there are people who don't do their due diligence by going to Yelp or searching Google to see what bottom-feeding parasites those lowlifes are.

Anyway, that's it. Apologies for the length.

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Hi Waddstein, thanks for the very interesting post. You sound a lot like me, and I want to give this a try. For completeness, which Cerave wash are you using: the original or the foaming?

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