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Would Like Tca Advice (Regimen User)

I have been using Dan's regimen for about 4 years now. It has really helped clear up and control my acne (I get some every now and then - nothing works perfectly). I have scars left over from the acne and recently got some new, darker scars from using itworkspaste on some flat moles on my face. I've been looking into the TCA peel to get rid of sun spots, the left over acne scars, and the new scars on my face. I wanted to see if anyone had similar experiences, and if so, what their results were from the TCA peel. I wash my face and apply BP every night and morning, and apply AHA in areas that need it every now and then. For those of you that have done the peel: how should I prepare for it, how is it applied, what percentage is used, and generally what should be expected? I'm asking here because we aren't like some of the other people that do these peels - we routinely use chemicals on our face.

Thanks for any advice.

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From what ive read on this forum, the only "real" to get rid of scars would be threw laser treatments. Any peels would most likely show improvement due to microswelling, however peels work great for skin tone and slight blemishes. Im sure the tca would cause irritation while on the regimen, as one would need to stop and treatements prior to a peel and wait post peel.

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I've now done 2 full face TCA peels, and it really did an AMAZING job getting rid of my PIH. But, you have to mentally prepare yourself for

1. Being ugly for 10-14 days: redness/darkening of skin/tightness/flaking/peeling

2. Acknowledge that it may take more than one peel for results

3. Stronger =/= Better

4. Wait at least 3 weeks between peels

5. Heal, pamper, and heal your skin some more

6. NO PICKING OR PULLING THE SKIN, this will cause scars and PIH

I primed my skin for several weeks before hand by using a 15% AHA gel all over in the morning w/ fading cream (with kojic acid to stop pigment production) on dark spots and then retin-a every other night. I stopped using everything for 4 days before the peel and just washed with a gentle cleanser and moisturizer.

DO A SPOT TEST! On an inconspicuous place, such as your jaw line. It's really the best way to know how your skin will react as far as frosting, or how many layers to do.

For my first peel, I did 2 layers of 12.5% and a 3rd layer on dark spots.

For my second peel, I did 3 layers of 12.5% and a 4th on dark spots.

Post peel care - remember this is a controlled wound: polysporin for 48 hours afterwards and avoid sun (if you have to go out, like I did, use a 20% zinc sunscreen (no chemicals because it will irritate your skin) and a hat). Wash with gentle cleansers and use simple moisturizers such as CeraVe as much as you want throughout the day to help with tightness/dryness. I also used emu oil with copper peptide serum, and I liked that.

I wouldn't recommend using any BP/AHA/BHA for at least 10 days afterwards.

There's loads, and loads of information on skincaretalk.com

Sorry for all the caps, this stuff is pretty intense and I think people abuse it and then freak out because of what they did to their skin.

Good luck!

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