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Hey guys, sorry if I'm not using this correctly, I'm new here ;)

So here goes,

I've had pretty bad acne for about a year now (I'm 15yo) I have it mostly on my cheeks and chin, with some on the forehead.

I exercise every day, cleanse and moisturise in the morning and night, exfoliate every 2-3 days and drink plenty of water.

NOTHING IS WORKING. Although since I've started using only natural cleansers and exfoliates they have made my skin improve a little, but I still have really bad acne. I'm very hygienic and don't touch my face unless im using products on it.

Any suggestions as to what I do? Preferably natural options because they make my skin feel a lot better.

I should also add that most unnatural products (eg Clearasil) leave my skin dry and scaly.

(I'm a guy by the way, so I can't cover any of it with makeup!)

Thanks in advance!

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Have you tried taking fish oil pills or multi vitamins? You should try changing your diet and taking out dairy, breads and so forth.

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My friend All I have to tell you is Google "pantothenic acid acne" on google and do your own researchrolleyes.gif Im doing a b5 Journal on that right now. Ive had Acne for 7 years now

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Change your diet, cut out all sugar (no dessert, soda, not even fruit juice) and refined carbs (like crackers and white bread and white rice), for a whole week and see if your acne improves. Eat plenty of vegetables like carrots, broccoli, and things like that and don't eat too many fruits because they have sugar but the best fruits IMO are apples and blueberries. You can still eat some carbs but make sure it's whole wheat bread or brown rice. Also cut out all dairy products like milk and cheese because they have hormones that can aggravate acne. For that week also do your best to limit masturbation because in some people that can make acne worse especially on the chin.

Don't wash your face more than 3 times a day and don't use soap only use water, the soap can dry out the skin too much which makes your sebum glands overproduce oil. What I do twice a day is mix non-iodized sea salt with water and put that on my face with a cotton ball. It doesn't really prevent pimples but it dries up whiteheads more quickly and gets rid of pimples faster. But diet is most important, you have to cure your acne from the inside not just put on topicals and exfoliate because if you keep eating bad foods it won't solve the problem.

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Agreed with some of the above posts; your diet may be the main factor here.

I was in the same boat as you, essentially. I tried EVERYTHING under the sun for my acne: Clearasil, Proactiv, Neutragena, everything, nothing seemed to actually clear up my acne. I ended up finding a holistic method online that instructed me to eat very healthily, basically raw foods and nothing processed. I also went through a detoxification process for my liver, which immediately seemed to clear a huge portion of my acne. Since your liver is responsible for cleaning the blood and regulating your hormones, a liver in an inadequate state may lead to chronic acne no matter how careful you are with your facial cleansing. Both my diet change and my liver detox essentially got rid of my acne, and I never used a facial cleanser since then again (though now I do just for general cleansing purposes :) ).

Since it has been years since I have done any sort of liver detox/maintainance (and since I still had traces of acne popping up), I just recently purchased Hepasil DTX from USANA and started taking it on a daily basis. After about 4 days of taking this supplement, my traces of acne are literally GONE. This essentially recorfirmed how important it is that your liver is thoroughly cleansed and working at top shape if you want to be sure to get rid of your acne.

You seem to be doing great in the hygiene department, but I think your diet and your liver need a little work hifive.gif

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