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Help With Retin-A Treatment? Please Read?

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Hey guys! ^.^

I need some help with my skin!! Ok, basically - I've been on Retin A for years, and it was working great (after my doctor bumped up my dose - I had a horrible 6 months on the lowest dose!), but for around the last 6 months, since changing my skincare, my acne's gotten worse. I don't want to go back to my old skincare (Clinique), as it was quite harsh, and whilst it helped with the spots, my skin became quite dehydrated etc...

I'm probably seeing a dermatologist soon, but I was hoping somebody could recommend a good combo of prescriptives...? I will not quit Retin A as I have severe blackheads and visible pores which it helps massively, but I don't feel it stops the spots any more. To give you an idea, I am getting probably 2 spots per day right now, which is bad, for me.

I am dubious about taking oral antibiotics, but perhaps a course would help nip it in the bud...? Or maybe a salicylic acid lotion with the Retin A?

I try to really look after my skin, so I have a meticulous skin care regime - I cleanse, tone, moisturise and use SPF during the day, and cleanse, apply some form of hydrating treatment (an oil for example) and then wait a while before applying the Retin A.

My recent breakouts have just been SO FRUSTRATING!

Sorry for the long winded post - can anybody help?

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Usually bigger bumps are a hormonal or diet issue. You can take antibiotics, hormonal treatments (birth control), or drastically change your diet to stop those from forming.

Topical treatments won't stop new cysts and nodules when something in your hormones or diet is constantly creating them.

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