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Make-Up Brand(S) That Help Downplay Indented Scarring?

I'm wondering what make-up brand(s) may help downplay the appearance of indented scarring, as well as hyperpigmentation? I have rolling scars on the front/sides of my cheeks, though they're not super deep. But if make-up sinks into them, they look much more noticeable as the day progresses.

I also have one deep, saucer-shaped scar on my left cheekbone but realize that I can't really hide well; so I'm more concerned with hiding my rolling scars.

NOTE: I have very sensitive skin, which breaks out if I wear foundation for even a few hours for two consecutive days. In other words, something that's oil-free, non-comedogenic, and hypoallergenic won't necessarily be problem-free for me. I currently use Almay's Clear Complexion foundation but use it as infrequently as possible.

Thank you,


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I'm not really sure since I dont have this problem (with rolling scars), however a primer is designed to even out skin, so large pores, or ice pick scars would benefit from it. Now finding one that is good for skin prone to acne can be a real issue, I use benefit pore-fessional and sometimes an avon one, however I use them around my nose which despite my open pores and blackheads doesnt seem to get spots. But maybe searching primers on here could bring up some topics on them for more sensitive skin?

As for hyperpigmentation, really a concealer is what I use, if they are very red a green one is a good idea. If you match the colour of what you are trying to cover and apply a colour the other side of the colour wheel it should neutralise it. So red marks-green concealer.

Hope that helps just a little bit at least!

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