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this is julie

What Is Your Favorite Homemade Mask?

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I am sick with "the mono" as my lovely doctor had phrased, and therefore I've been quarantined! I'll be stuck in my house for a few weeks, so I want to have some things to do! I plan on pampering myself, because that sounds infinitely better than sulking away a good portion of my summer. So spa days it is!

Anyway, tl;dr: What are some nice facial masks that you use/make? What are the ingredients (if you make it, especially) and what are the effects of the creation?

Also, if you have any other tips or suggestions for throwing myself a spa day, let 'em rip! Have a fantastic day, please and thank you.

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Hi :]

I honestly love raw organic honey = less acne, very hydrated skin, a nice glow. It's awesome. The other good one I use is plain sulfur = less acne, a bit exfoliating, reduces oil. but I'm not sure where to get it in the States at a good price. My brother in law brings it from Mexico for me.

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I agree with californiaEstie.

Honey is a great ingredient to put on your face.

I use Manuka Honey from the healthshop and i love to mix it with yoghurt.

Yoghurt acts as a mild exfoliator. I can really recommend this mask.

Also nice to eat though

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I can't afford manuka honey but I use a fresh, unpastueirzed organic honey and I mix it with cinnamon for a mask.

The honey is detoxifying and very, very softening. I find it works well enough and I've never felt the need to purchase manuka.

Cinnamon is nice because it lightly exfoliates. It also increases blood flow under the skin.

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