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So Today I Just Had The Fattiest Burger Ever..

So today is my official start on my fifth month of accutane. During those five months I am proud to say I have never had any fast food! (I've had restaurant food, but not fast food)

Anyways........ I haven't been seeing improvement in my skin but today I have. The first couple of months I haven't seen anything but fourth month I have. It's been really slow but it's working.

Anyways, I live in an asian household so I eat whatever my parents make me. There's pretty much no refusing. It's good because we rarely eat out and I'm more prone to eating at home.. however, today my parents were busy, so my mom couldn't make dinner. Instead, she brought the fattest burger I've ever seen, including onion rings and fries. It's like really oily. I'm drinking tea to flush it down

Anyways, will this effect my skin?? I've finally seen improvement and now I'm eating the OILIEST food EVER!

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Y'know, I'm not sure if there is any connection at all with eating oily food and acne. I know healthy foos can help, but I don't know about unhealthy foods. I think you'll be fine though.

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I would try it and see. If you break out from it then youll know your still prone to breaking out. If not, then great. I am in a similar boat to you. I am on my fourth month of accutane. And i knew for a fact that bad food caused me to break out. But since my skin was doing well, i wanted to test it. So like 4 nights ago i had ice cream, cookies, candy, and a few other things. And no breakout! ( Yet). So that's a good sign. My first 4 months though i was very strict on what i ate. This was the first time i really splurged. I am not going to overdo it by any means, but i am glad that i have at least have the option to eat unhealthy food without having to worry about my skin.

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