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So i've been experimenting with sheep's cheese and other alternative dairy products. So far, i'm pretty sure that they are not having a substantial effect, which is great! However i would really like to know what it is in cows milk/ cheese that supposedly causes all the problems. I know people can have sensitivities, but is this genetic or an environmental factor? If so, can it be undone?

Tell me about your experiences with these dairy products, does it cause problems with you?

p.s how long should i expect to wait to see any side effects of eating something i shouldn't?


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Goat milk is allegedly better because the levels of hormones are at much more moderate levels compared to cow's milk. The logic was that cow's milk is designed to take a 100 or so pound baby and turn it into a 1000-1500 pound fully matured animal and it's hormone content reflects that. Goat milk takes a 10 pound baby and turn it into a 100-120 pound adult.

I have no idea if that's good logic, all I know is goat milk is delicious and I have no problems with it. I wish it was cheaper and came in larger quantities though.


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I broke out when I tested sheep's milk cheese, unfortunately, Haven't tested goat cheese since I went dairy-free. Honestly, I don't think we're really designed to digest another species' breast milk and that's why so many people have problems with it, skin or otherwise.

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Cow milk had a horrible efffect on my skin. The hormones (which exist whether it is organic or not) causes me to have an imbalance and break out. I had to cut it out of my diet altogether. This can be really tricky because some products have milk in it (milk fat) so it is really important to check the ingredient list. Even my favorite white mocha syrup at starbucks had traces of dairy in it. Just becareful!

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