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perm makeup artist refused to do needling :(

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i went to permenant make up artist today ... expained how is needling performed and the results ....etc for like 30 min ..... confused.gif

she basically refued to do it ... coz it risky and they might get into troble coz its illegal ...

she reckons there are lots of risk involed coz u might needle lympathic vessels ... especially in the cheek area .... (btw i asked her to do the scars on my cheek area only)

i m so confused now... sad.gif i thought needling is so safe , u can basically do any where in the face ....

do u guys think she is speaking the truth ?

also she has heard about needling the wrinkles ( only damaging the epidermis) but never heard of treating acne scars which needle needs to go 1 -2 mm of the dermis ....

i feel so depressed ... rolleyes.gif

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Hi, I never heard of any scientific papers that proved "needling is so safe." It is also probably highly illegal (At least in the U.S.) to perform by most people for that reason. I believe that a tattoo artist could do it. Or, you could just try a few Smoothbeams. I believe the results might be similar to needling. I don't believe that needling is the holy grail that people here first thought btw. cry.gif Anyway, don't be depressed! There are many other effective treatments.

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Hi check out the thread a couple of pages back that I started called "needling myself". Someone had given me a very informative link all about needling.

No I don't believe its illegal, she was probably not comfortable doing it. So its best you not use her any way. The link also has a list of trained individuals who also do needling for scaring. Maybe you'll be close by.

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Actually, it is illegal if a large portion of the face is done. They can get away with doing smaller sections safely (spot needling), but I was also told it was illegal if I wanted to have a full face session.

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A permanent make-artist requires a license which most tattoo artists do not. They also have a kind of malpractice insurance to pay which makes them very reluctant to do things that they're not familiar with.

A regular tattoo artist can do needling for you and would be cheaper, with the same results.

When doing tattoos they perform something called a "blood line" where they're running the needles without deposting any ink. They'll run the gun with a mixture of distilled water and iodine, or distilled water and saline solution, or distilled water and witch hazel; whichever they prefer. The results would be the same. Just do research on sterility first. Now they have strict guide lines to follow, but I'd still ask questions. Make sure they use new needles and don't autoclave them.

Good luck

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You can't blame someone for not wanting to do the procedure if they are not comfortable with the idea of it. I don't know for sure if she could get into trouble, but it doesn't sound like it would be useful to argue with her about it.

It sounds like she doesn't understand the procedure and that she doesn't want to do it. She is probably not very educated about the procedure and what it can be used for.

Each Permanent Makeup Artist is different: Has different training, expertise, comfort level in procedures so you just need to keep looking for someone who is willing to do the procedure. I would try to find someone who is educated about the procedure and is also comfortable in performing it. As others have said, Tattoo Artists may be willing to perform needling. Be sure to find someone reputable.

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