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Is It Good To Treat Fresh Scar?

Hi all!

Finally, I think I can control the breakout of my bad acne. And dermatologist said I got 'mild to moderate' acne scar. May be I am too frustrated about it, so I got my first fractional co2 laser last month (my derm said it's the model called 'Line-Xel'). I don't know if I have done everything in a rush ... I just discovered that before my laser treatment, my scar is somehow in a freshly 'irregular' shape but now, it's like a 'round/ circle' hole, and it has been flatten, that means the area of my scar is flatten but enlarged in a circle hole.(I don't know if I worried too much as my derm claimed that the new wound will gradually heal in half-year time) I am now super frustrated if I have ruined everything out cause my mum said time will fade some of my scar.

I am quite lost now, I don't know if I should trust my doctor and obtain the best result from the remaining 2 treatment. Or should I wait till my scar mature. Or go straight for another dermatologist for Lumenis Total Fx (I am too scared for the bleeding Total Fx, actually T_T).

Sorry for my poor English. Hope you guys can understand. The feeling of being ignored by my family members is harsh... as they always realize that i am the only who exaggerate and they always think it's common for Asians to scar. sad.pngsad.pngsad.png Hope you guys can share some of your experience, I am desperate now, seems I waste my money and time but make my skin worst.

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