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well it could be a number of reasons...

first off, maybe a small bug crawled under your skin and propegated 1000 eggs in your chin. worst case scenario...

o wait. maybe not. STD??? we'll hope for better...

well shit, im outta reasons. ok point is your gonna have to supply some info before i can make any assumption as to why your chin might itch...

are you on the reg?? accutane?? SA?? Differein??? Bug Bites??? Chicken Pox???

i wait in anticipation. doubt.gif

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thats funny cause i had the same problem.

mine is a mosquito bite. it doesnt itch anymore but it keeped me up all last night. mine was actually pulsing for a while before getting itchy.

dont worry if it is a mosquito bite it will go away before you know it.

or it could be what Stinkoman said and a small bug crawled under your skin and propegated 1000 eggs in your chin........THAT would be COOL!

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sorry i tried to be as specific as i can but i will try harder.ok.i did not have sex anywhere (pool ,car ,garage,toilet,bedroom,school)its no rash its a ichy pimple.no paracited fucked on face and layed its eggs.so whats going on?cause i wanna scratch and well im scared to destory my face.and i dont want to like name my face pimple land and crap (wich it already is)

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