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Which product do u think is better? Neutrogena oil free acne wash or C&C deep action cream cleanser. I have both of them and wanted to know which one (of your personal experience) do u think wrks better. Or is there even better washes than these I should know about.

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Well I don't use anything Neutrogena cuz I find their product to be fairly low quality. I would say go with C&C, but that's only because it's the only brand I use.

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What do you guys mean by C+C. I am from Liverpool, England. I use Clearasil Complete 3 in 1 facial wash and have done for like 7 years or something because I am afraid to try anything else. Has anyone tried zinc tablets with taking long term antibiotics such as erythromycin? Ive heard it works miracles but I dont know. Apparently the zinc balances hormones to prevent outbreaks, and helps heal the skin. It is also a natural antibiotic so with the erythromycin is should clear up all thos crappy little spots. I have has acne since I was about 14 or 15. I am now 22. The stuff I use helps keep my skin under control with just a few tiny pimples that fade after a few days, but occassionally I get a few spots that make me really depressed because they hurt and are inflammed. I am gettin annoyed and worried because I have tried every oral antibiotic and loads of different creams and gels. Every tablet has worked but then seems to lose its effect so have moved on to another one. When Ive used tham all what do I do? Does anyone know what the status is on whether or not your body can get over its immunity to certain antibiotics and how long it takes?

I have always used Benzoyl Peroxide gel which works a treat. When I first used it is made my face look like it had been set on fire but after a while it was amazing. It worked for years until all of a sudden I got huge breakouts so started using clindamycin lotion as well. This worked a little but still got spots. Then started taking antibiotics to try and improve the skin. The best I have found is Trimethoprim. It worked for over a year and has no side effects and can take with food etc. Recently started using Adapalene gel to help the painful spots. Seems to work ok. Anyone tried Zineryt (Zinc and erythromycin solution)? I might try that next. If anyone has any ideas I would be very grateful especially for a good facial wash.

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