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How Much Exercise Can Your Body Handle After It Has Been Through A Course Of Accutane?

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So, a little background information about myself; I was on accutane 3 or 4 times during my adolesense. The first few times were only 20mg and my body seemed to tolerate it quite well, but during Gr. 12 I was bumped up to 40mg which led to a few complications. I started to have trouble concentrating in school and was noticing side effects like a decreased libido and joint pains....this was very unpleasant and obviously not normal for a teenage boy. Anyways, I'm 20 now, and many of these side effects still linger, albeit have improved slightly. Do i regret going on the medication? Absolutely! Why is this chemo drug even on the market still? And being prescribed to teenagers? What a mental world we live in sad.png

Soo ya, It's almost two years now since I went off the medication, and I still find myself wondering where i would be if I hadn't gone on the medication. Would I be happier? Would I be more successful? Would I have a better social life? Like previously stated, i'm only 20 but I feel like my life is going down the wrong path. This last year has been really tough for me. I've kind of secluded myself from the rest of the world and lost most of my friends. I'm still working towards my accounting major though, which I have to say is keeping me sane at the moment....along with my job.

But on to something more cheerful. I've recently begun going to the gym and I've been seeing pretty good results. I've never been a runner but I'm currently running 3 - 4 miles a day...which is huge for me! I want to run a half-marathon sometime next year and one day....yes one day...I want to run a full marathon (26.2 miles). This raises a few questions though. Can my body actually run a marathon? A few of my family members have done this and I know it's in my genes....and yet...i can't see it ever happening. 4 miles is great....but 26? My legs will break before I cross the finish line. Seriously, just squatting results in my knees cracking. eusa_think.gif

Sooo....I want to hear about people's stories on exercising post accutane. Has anyone on this board actually ran a marathon after being on this medication? What about muscle building? I've heard that stretch marks are a common problem for accutaners trying to build some body mass....

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I am not sure many of us who have had joint damage have been able to run a marathon. I do know I was a runner before Accutane and no am no longer able to run at all. I would say depending on how bad your joints were damaged. What supplements have you tried or been taking? Do you have a hard time acheiving muscle mass or keeping weight on since taking accutane, or is that you just have a problem with your knees and some muscle aches?

You are running 4 miles a day right, so maybe it might just take you longer to get up to 26 miles??? Even if you can't get up to 26 miles, I would say be grateful for 4 my friend.

Anyways, if you can give a little more hx then I might be able to direct you to some suffers who have the same issues as you.....

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My boyfriend just ran a marathon last October. I bet you could do it this year :) He was just able to run the same amount you can then just jumped right into a 4 month training for his first marathon. He did great too. He wasn't on Accutane though.

I'm not post Accutane but I am currently on it. I exercise a lot. Because it is summer we are always outdoors. We go swimming normally after my boyfriend gets off work and then after they close at 7 we got for a bike/run (he runs, I bike). Then also I work as a dancer and I work normally 8 hour shifts 4-5 days a week (sometimes more if I travel). My job isn't a marathon but it is exericse. When I first started it over a year ago it took my muscles weeks to get used to it just like when I started cross country in high school.

I will be honest though, running isn't as easy for me as it was before Accutane. I'm hoping I haven't gotten too much joint damage from Accutane but I'd rather deal with joint damage than that horrible cystic acne I had. I lost my job when it got bad and I wouldn't leave the house after that because I was so depressed. No pain = no gain. This is why I mentioned that I bike while my boyfriend runs, lol. Then again, running itself causing joint damage.

like the oli girl above me said, it might just take you longer to get to that 26.2 but you're doing better than most. I don't know a lot of people (including myself) who can run 4 miles (with or without Accutane).

I don't honestly approve of Accutane for minors anyway. Accutane can cause permanent side effects so it is unfair to put teenagers on a medicine for acne. All teenagers get some level of acne and I've noticed that a good percentage of them just end right back on for another course because the acne comes back. Hormones are cool like that. I don't think I could put my child on Accutane. I'm a consenting adult, if I want to put my body through crap then that's my choice. Yeah, if my son/daughter has really severe, possibly disfiguring, acne... then I might consider it. I've seen a lot of teens on this website on Accutane who have very mild acne and it just makes me sad.

My acne was severe enough (want a pic? LMAO) that I felt any possible permanent/temporary side effects were acceptable. It beat the life I was living which was unemployed (can't work in the adult biz with a face covered in infected cysts) and depressed. Good chance I will never run a marathon but I've got my dancing career back which is paying my way through school and life. (BTW, I have my degree in Accounting :)...) Obviously Accutane was not the right choice for you and I'm sorry for that. There are a lot of worse things in life though.

Visit a doctor and see if someone can help you with your joint pain. I just started taking omega fatty acids or whatever and I started drinking some crap I saw at the store for your joints. I literally just started doing that though so I will let you know if it works, lol. My back has been killing me at work some nights so I'm desperate. Instead of moaning about life maybe consider what you can do to fix it. I think maybe not everything you mentioned has to do with the Accutane. You're someone who has never been a runner and can now run 4 miles? Sounds like you're doing fine to me. It took me a good while to get up to 4-5 miles when I first started cross country in high school and I had never even heard of Accutane back then.

This is why this drug shouldn't be thrown around for every case of acne. I have a friend on it right now who just has basic acne (kind of what you would see on a proactive commericial). Didn't even bother to try antibiotics or creams. Because possible temperary AND permanent side effects are worth curing basic acne you can just use some damn BP on.

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You finished accutane two years ago, you say you recently started going to the gym, and little later you complain about cracking joints. Forgive my ignorance, but you can never pinpoint the reason to accutane per se.

Most probable is either bad form, weak knees (you just started exercising), etc. Furthermore, no pain no gain applies to weightlifting/bodybuilding, to a certain extent of course.

As for me, I've got some stretchmarks yes, but I have no idea to what extent these are related to / caused by accutane. Most of the stretchmarks are around my pec/armpit area so that's a rather common place. Many bodybuilders got stretchmarks though, whether on accutane or not.

I never really noticed a big drop in my gym performances. I've made plenty of gains in my (almost) 4 months course, over half of which I took a really high dose of almost 1,5mg/kg/day (120mg daily and 85kg). The only thing that really bothered me were the incredible amounts of sweat I would pour out during exercise. After some big compounds there would be small water pools on the floor. First I thought my water bottle leaked, but then I realized it was my face streaming like a waterfall..

I'm off tane now for almost a week and I'm seeing improvement regarding facial redness and sweating. But it could be wishful thinking. To be certain I need some more weeks.

I never experiened severe joint paints. I did have a lot of lower back pain though, but I always told myself this was 'just' muscle soreness from working out, even though I knew it was tane. I'll see how long recovering will take.

Did you try any fish oil supplements by the way? I hear good stories about that kind of stuff for joints.

In general I think there's no problem in exercising as much as you'd like to. I remember my derm told me something like I should limit my exercising, but I really don't see why there would be any problem in this, as long as your body keeps up of course. Accutane is different for everyone and maybe I was just a little lucky, but I think that my high dose for 10 weeks should indicate that exercise is perfectly possible.

I hardly ever run by the way, but when I last did it (during my course, probably 1 month ago) I ran 5 km in 27 minutes. Not a good result at all but then again, I'm no runner, but I was on tane, and it didn't feel different from years ago when I still did running regularly

On a side note, running a marathon and bodybuilding is not really a suitable combination I think. If you feel like it go ahead, sure. But don't expect great musular results when training for a marathon. In other words, stretch marks won't be much of a problem for you I guess.

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I took Accutane close to two years ago as well and i'm an Accounting major too! How weird! :) And I like running!

The Accounting major along with working full time keeps me too busy to train for a marathon but that is also my goal for the future. I don't feel that Accutane has impacted my joints, however everyone is different. Squats really aren't good for your knees either way though!

I run 5k's and 10k's whenever I can squeeze them in into my day. Have you looked into taking supplements? I've heard fish oil pills are great although I don't personally take them, they upset my stomach.

I just wanted to wish you good luck with school AND running! :)

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Holy shit i had no idea accutane could affect my joints thats horrible!

I literally ran half a marathon 22.58km in 2hours yesterday, i was so happy but when i started running my knees were hurting pretty bad! I would be mortified if it was due to accutane!!

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Accutane has had zero affect on my ability to exercises or play sport. I go to the gym 5 days a week and dont have a single stretch mark. You are always going to get some form of aches and pains if you exercises it is difficult to pinpoint it to the accutane

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not directly referring to atheleticism/sports here, but I will give my two cents on something relevant! :P Whenever I was on Accutane (finished my third course last month!!) my knees had little tolerance to any physical exertion, and I felt a lower back pain at times. Felt like accutane added a few decades to my bones! anyways after a month after each course, the side effects faded substantially. Maybe give it some time and your body may fix itself up? also i take a fish oil supplement every day and i am not sure if it had anything to do with the healing process. best of luck to you!

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