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Hey all,

I've been using a .5% BHA for the last few weeks but it's proving to be far too irritating for my skin even at such a low concentration. Therefore, I'd like to give an AHA a shot. What is a good AHA for sensitive, dry skin? I'm not to familiar with AHAs but I was thinking something with a concentration of 5% or less would probably be suitable. Also, I read that lactic acid is good for sensitive skin opposed to glycoic acid. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

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BHA 2% made my face red and really irritated my skin even after a month of it. I have 2 bottle of paulas choice the lotion and the gel both are going in the bin what a waste!

I tryed aha and it was mess less irritating and worked a lot better, though i stopped using it after 8 weeks not sure why.

I used 8% and have dry skin as long as i didn't load it on i didn't flake much again i used paula's choice.

Hope that helps

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Thanks for the input. Was the AHA you were using comprised of Glycolic Acid? I've been reading that Lactic Acid is supposed to be much more mild than Glycolic so I've been leaning towards trying that but I can really only find it in concentrations as low as 10%. Not sure if that's too strong if I couldn't even stand .5% Salacylic Acid.

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