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When does acne naturally stop.

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I think i have been getting acne because im growing. Anyways I have been getting acne for more than 8 months(bad acne), but I have been using BP for about 5 months day and night. When will my acne naturally stop, does it stop when facial hair grows completly?

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Guest Captain Chaos

It's subjective, some people only get problems when they are in puberty.

Most people here have adult acne, I'm 20 and I still have it. Some people are even older.

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thats good to know that he cleared up then - i kinda figured if u had it at 20 ur stuck with it for life...

i do belive my hormones are weird tho...*Shrugs* u know what i really think - it been caused by a zinc defency - u see i worked out recently that i have taken in 0 zinc for the past like 3 years or something - nly very moderate amounts...

now i am on a vitment supplement and take natural forms of zinc whenever possible - and ofocurse balance it all out with other things...and i have noticed my hair and nails looks better...it takes about 6 months to solve this problem....

check ur zinc content in ur diet - and also signs of a zinc defency include white spots on ur nails - got them - good chance u aint got zinc.

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I think that acne will go after you grow facial har right? See im growing a little bit of hair on my face, and most of the acne on my face is red-marks and a little scars. But sometimes I get a few zits, But what Im scard of is that I see some people who have a lot of facial hair and they have bad acne, my age. When will this stop.

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Altho the onset of facial hair growth and acne does typically commence in puberty for males and of course both are stimulated by androgens...However I have never heard that there is any particular connection between the two. For example

* not all men get acne

* women don't get facial hair and yet they can still suffer from facial acne

* in both sexes acne is not always restricted to the face and can occur anywhere over the body bar the soles of the feet and plams of the hands.

My understanding is that acne spontanteously resolves itself in my most people by the end of their 20's. But of course I and many others can attest...this isn't always the case. People can suffer from acne in the 50's for example. Given that no-one knows for sure when and if their acne might resolve on its own the best course of action is to manage the disease.

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