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I went over a week without picking/touching! That's the longest for me so far. Then I lost my job and something happened to my car so I relapsed today. It could be worse but I just needed to let someone know that I gave in to the urge. At least I know I'm capable of going longer than a week.

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Aww, sorry to hear about the job situation. I know how that feels. Just catching up as I haven't been posting a great deal in this section lately so I'm a bit behind. Hopefully you've sorted things out with your car now and you've got some options as far as work goes?

It's good that you made it a week and at least you know that's possible. I've always found that if I go x-amount of days without picking, whatever anxieties or feelings which would usually be "released" by picking kind of build up, so then when I lapse, I really go for broke and will do damage for several days at a time. I'm in that very situation at the moment actually - picked for several days, cancelled the plans I had at the weekend, haven't even left the house since last Wednesday. I'd gone maybe a couple of weeks without picking prior to that, then I went and made such a mess of things and haven't been able to stop. Not doing too well and I have a job interview tomorrow which I don't hold out much hope for at all. Can safely say that's been a trigger. It's scary sometimes because I don't actually have any acne to pick at these days so the damage is self-inflicted from nothing.

Anyway, I guess my point is that the ideal approach is to see if you can find the best ways to cope with the situations which may lead you to pick. In theory, being able to cope with them without getting nervous or anxious or stressed or whatever it may be, reduces the triggers and the urges to pick. Certainly give yourself credit for going over a week though because that's a great achievement.

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