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back from a 25% TCA peel

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hi all,

my first messege here...

wanted to share my situtation , and the TCA peel i just came back to. and if anybody wants to ask anything about the peel i'll be glad to share. and be glad to hear from people who've done it, and can relax me smile.gif

after a period of month and years, of trying to help my texture of skin -

i don't have much active acne . a pimple here and there rarly - but do have many flaws on my face : uneven texture, freckles , old red acne marks the won't go away , brown spots .

(by the way - i am a guy. a 27 years old guy smile.gif

so i did the step and ordered my seld a derm appointment.

and today i just back from a ~23% TCA peel.

the doctor was honest and said this won't take much care of old acne marks or flat moles, but will remove freckles (i have ugly freckles . not the cute ones), and hyperpigmentation.

i read here last night all many horror stories about this peel and it kept me awake for hours smile.gif

by the way - after what i saw in the derm's office - i don't think anyone should do this alone at home !

anyway, my face is red, and many brown spots look more evident, and my pores are so visible...

and red marks look very intense.

i took a week off work to be home.

from what i read and the doctor told me - my skin should actually peel , i cannot impagine how such thing looks... after a few hours i can already see it's getting hm.. dry.. and with tiny line..like cracked skin in some places.

i cannot imagine how it will peel. it looks solid right now, and all the spots are there sad.gif it's seems unimaginable that spots just "fall" like this.

by the way - at the end of the peel, i thought the TCA should be washed or neutrilazed by something - but the doctor didn't wash my face with anything, and reassured me it was okay , and said that the chemical will peel off with the skin...


if anyone has any questions i'll be glad to answer, and also want people that has done it to share with me please smile.gif)

have a lovely day all smile.gif

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Did your derm remind you to keep your face hydrated/moisturized? That is important to prevent the skin from cracking and peeling off before it's ready to.

Actually, in my opinion, TCA at the lower concentrations (6%, 12.5%) is safe to do at home. It's a peel that neutralizes itself after a certain time limit, so that may be why your derm didn't use anything to neutralize it, although I used a baking soda and water solution to neutralize it according to the peel instructions. That's why it's safer than other types of chemical peels, because it turns itself off, in a sense.

Based on my experience, it will take a day or two, maybe even 3, for you to see the skin start to tighten up and it will look wrinkly and possibly a little brown before you start to flake from areas where your face moves a lot (around the corners of your mouth, up by your eyes or at your temples, etc.). I would have to say that a 23% TCA peel will definitely help with freckles/brown spots, and it might help with old red acne marks by fading them a little.

What will happen is, and it may not look like it now, but when the skin peels off, it's not like a sunburn peeling off. It takes off more layers of the skin, the upper levels, so that the layers of epidermis that have hyperpigmentation or red marks are taken off and new fresh skin is revealed underneath. Your new skin will actually feel more hydrated, softer, and you might see that it's pinker and "stickier." Because you're speeding up the turnover of cells in the skin, the skin underneath needs time to get acclimated to being revealed, so be VERY careful with it. No harsh scrubbing, don't do any additional peels for at least a week to two weeks, and be very good to it. It's a bit more vulnerable than the old skin you peeled off.

Just remember, try your best to allow the skin to peel on it's own. I know it's tempting to pick at the flakes, but you might do more damage because the new skin isn't ready to be revealed yet. Let it peel, keep your mind on other things, and I think you'll see good results. Also, remember, it takes time for the collagen to rebuild after you peel, so things may look slightly worse or the same before they get better. I've noticed that for a few days after the old skin came off, I didn't notice any changes, but then I noticed my scarring lessen and my skin tone improving.

Peeling takes patience. Good luck!


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redhedgrl !!!

thank you so much for the replay - and for all what you wrote.

i don't intent to pick my skin or peel it by myself and plan to play by the warnings and instructions.

it's just that right now (about 6 hour after the peel) my skin looks so awful - if it was just "red" than - ok. i would have handles that.

but suddenly so so so many flaws are gettning darkes. brown spot that were half faded are now look gitantic, and on onwe side where i had red spots and very very shallow scars -thet now look so strong and red, and scarred .

they are scarred , and i am scared smile.gif

i turned back the mirror in my room. i can't look

my face is a mess.

i so much don't wanna be alone, and go out with friends right now - but i haven't told them . and i look freaky.

i guess it's only temporary.. although right now it's seems that flaws (red marks. etc...) that i didn't have before are showing.

the doctor who did this is a pro.. so i count on him..

did u experience the same ? saw the flaws on your face get bigger ? my skin look so messy.

by the way - he told me tommorow i can splurge water on my face only, and the day after tommorow he gave me something to moisture my face with....

should i moisture them often ? i'm affraid to touch my face , althoug right now they don't seems peeling at all.

again - so much thanks for the detailed response.. i needed it smile.gif

bless you smile.gif

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