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What would you do if you had 2 wishes??????????

1. <<I wish acne is totaly disapear>>

2. <<I wish all those who have make fun of me to became red and full of pimples and scars>>

Sorry for my horible english!!!!!!!!!!

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Ok here's a question on subject of wishing.

If you had two options and you could only do one of these two options, which one would it be:

1. To have your acne, scars, and any other acne side effects disappear immediatly FOR LIFE.

2. You start a relationship with the person who you have fancied for such a long time.

Which one will it be?

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Def. #1, anyways, I don't like anyone right now!

My 2 wishes would be:

1. To have the flawless, beautiful skin that I've always wanted

2. For people with clear skin to get used to the fact that not everybody will have skin as perfect as theirs; we are all different

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1. My girlfriend went to the same college as me...

2. It was snowboarding season all around....

fuck acne...theres more pleasuarable things in life than obbsession and clear skin....

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