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What I find 'absolutely hilarious' is that no-one seems to mention that benzoyl peroxide plays havoc at spots by leaving red marks just as severe as the spots themselves on your face permanently.

I started the Regimen on March 1st, so I have been doing it for 9 weeks. I didn't suffer from acne terribly, I would get the occasional couple of spots here and there but being petty I thought doing this would mean I have perfect skin. SPOILER ALERT: You will not get perfect skin using the Regimen. Yeah sure you will stop getting random breakouts but having perfect skin doesn't include flaking/dryness/red marks from previous spots.

So, I am now trying methods to get rid of the red marks on my face from the tiniest of spots that would usually clear in a day or two (BE PREPARED THEY TAKE WEEKS TO SHIFT, actually, they haven't cleared still.)

I am trying Lemon Juice, using cotton buds on my face every night before the BP process of the Regimen (which stings like a hell by the way).

I have finally given in and booked an appointment with my GP to see if there is a better solution than sending my money off every few months for a product that causes more grief than joy.

I understand people have got clear and people have improved, but I think a lot of people on this forum have been brain washed by the possibility of better skin, and the optimism is like a contagious personality trait on this site.

I believe as soon as your acne is causing you grief, see a medical professional, not a forum where people only have their own bias experience.

Does anyone have any advice for lingering red marks, apart from lemon juice?

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Thumbs up for trying to suck others' optimism. I've been only on DKR for 3 weeks and my skin is clear without red marks and severe spots that lasts permanently as you experience. Oh, and there is no such thing as "perfect" skin. Have a great day rolleyes.gif .

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I have my own personal vendetta against BP, but I for the most part, keep that to myself as to not upset some of my fellow forumites.

Anyway, if you're looking for a safe method with no potential side effects that's all natural, seek lemon juice. An alternative natural method, with one side effect (some report temporary staining) is tumeric. There's a thread on here about it if you use the search function. I won't recommend anything else because tbh, I don't trust much these days and these are the only two methods I'd consider trying, when I'm ready.

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Got to agree with you alex, although BP cleared me up it made the marks from spots darker and they just wouldn't seem to fade (my spots leave marks regardless but not severe and clear up in a few weeks). good news is once i stopped using BP within a few weeks they cleared up :)

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