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This is a weird post I know, and maybe only i have this problem. But does anyone else have extremely fair skin where anything they put on there face is reflected in the color of the skin?

My big issue is everything out there from moisturizer to Bp is white. And whenever i use it i look extremely pasty and well...white. I look like a true blood character (not quite that bad, but definitely to pale)

I tried to just use SA wash and my skin looked great, a normal color, but i broke out. So I had to re-add bp and moisturizer. They are both white, and after a couple days i notice i look so pasty even after washing my face. I dont have dark circles under my eyes, but when I use this stuff, its so white the products make my skin so white, my under eyes appear darker in comparison.

I recently tried Clearasil tinted sulfur cream. My skin color looked amazing and normal. I had no dark circles, i did not look pasty. But alas very bad and large pimples returned. SO now Im trying to use it every 3rd day, and use bp every 2 days to give my skin a break from the bp.

I ordered some tinted BP (not sold in canada) but its 10% which is a bit rough to use at night. There was no 5% which works best for me in a tinted color.

But does anyone else have this issue, I have done numerous google searches and find very few people have this issue. IS there something wrong with my skin? Im also male so I dont like putting tinted colors on my skin, but I put this stuff on overnight while I sleep and my skin color looks really good in the morning after washing it off.

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