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Please Help Me Identify This Rash! Doctors Do Not Know.

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I've seen 5 GP's (doctors) and none of them have been able to identify this or what is wrong.


Burning sensation

Dry/scaley skin

Skin feels thick/rough

sometimes whiteheads or just bumps that bleed when popped.

Skin peels away/flakes away.

The affected areas are more greasy/oily...(If i have just showered, it is extremely dry and then later will become greasy/oily)

Most visible able after a shower

It is most visible after i have a hot shower....i think this is the reason doctors have an issue, because when i visit them i have applied moisturier or something and its less visible.

Background info:

This started around 5 months ago, i had a tingly feeling on my nose and then i gained loads of large whiteheads all over my nose.

I was given a 7 day antiviral pill treatment, This reduced it significantly (I assume..) however it had not all gone by the time i ran out of pills.

It has since become less intense on just my nose and has spread to my forehead, lips, chin and now my cheeks are becoming affected.

What i've been given so far is a steroid anti fungal cream (Daktacort) this seemed to work fairly well..the rash was spreading but at a slow rate, but i noticed it said to only be used 7 days and no applied on the face, when i consulted the doctor she told me to stop using.

I am becoming seriously stressed over this, i'm in the middle of my final exams and i just can't concentrate...i can constantly feel the burning and its just reminding me of this rash.

Please please please if anyone can help tell me if this is Rosacea or a different form of rash i would be really happy.

I also took some photos after my shower i will attatch.

Im sorry the pictures don't look very nice, but that is the reality :(






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it could be caused by any sort of bacteria, try putting plain yogurt with no additives on your face, that may be enough to get rid of whatever bad bacteria is on there. the lactic acid in the yogurt as well as the probiotics will inhibit its growth and maybe kill it. no promises though but it just might work.

try not to put any moisturizers on your face either, that could be feeding the bad bacteria.

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