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Hi there!

I am creating this thread so that I can keep a log/track of my progress and with the use of Coconut Oil.

Background: I am a 34 year old female who developed acne in my late teens until now. I used to have cystic acne, but I have thankfully cleared up most of it with the help of BenzaClin and Retin-A.

I still continue to suffer from adult/hormonal acne. Around that time of month, I am almost guaranteed a breakout usually around the chin area and occaisionally on the cheeks and forehead. Unfortunately, even one pimple would lead to a huge pimple and scarring. Plus, I would still get a pimples here and there in between the month.

I try to keep them at bay with sporadic use of BenzaClin and Retin-A.

Unfortunately, I still had very dry skin. Lots of peeling and patches of dry skin all over my face, especially the cheek and chin areas.

I used Cetaphil as a moisturizer and it helped, but did not last all day for me.

Well, I finally decided to try Coconut Oil topically.

Why you may ask? Well, after applying the coconut oil on the rest of my body and noticing such a huge transformation of my skin even after one application, I decided to take a leap of faith and use it on my face.

It took awhile to work up the courage because I was of course worried about a severe breakout as I have never put oil on my face except for Tea Tree Oil....and that was not a good experience for me.

So, I will be tracking my results as I go along. I've only been using it for 1 1/2 weeks thus far and so far the results are amazing!

Week 1:

Washed face with Purpose Facial Cleanser and applied Coconut Oil each night to facial skin and neck area. Used only a small pea size amount and lightly smoothed oil all over face. I do not reapply in the morning. So, only once a day.

Things I've noticed:

  • Skin is no longer dry.

  • Patches of peeling skin have disappeared.

  • The smoothness is truly something I have never seen for my face.

  • My skin tone is way more even and skin appears more supple and youthful.

  • Pimples that were on my face when I started healed and went away after 1 day of application.

  • One pimple came to the surface at the beginning of first week's application that was incredibly easy to extract and was healed by next day.

  • This is the most healthy I've seen my skin look in years.

  • Other than the one earlier pimple, there has been no new pimples to surface.

  • Scar marks appear to be lightening.

    Things I'm Concerned About:

    • Worried this will clog my pores and I'll have a major breakout. Thankfully, it hasn't happened yet.

    I have used a facial soft scrub sponge once this week to help with exfoliation due to the fears of clogging pores.

    Monday night, I took a break and did not apply Coconut Oil and skin was still moisturized, soft, and smooth.

    Restarted regime Tuesday night (last night). Skin is still doing very well.

    What I'm using:

    Purpose Facial Cleanser


    Now Healthy Foods - Virgin Coconut Oil, 100% Pure, Unrefined, and Cold-Pressed made from organic coconuts. I bought this at my local GNC

    That's it! I've noticed that everytime I try alot of differnt things at once, my skin just suffers. I really hope this lasts for me as I'm so tired of dealing with this acne issue!

    Wish me luck!

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Hi, I'm back with my weekly update!

Week 2:

Well, I am still using my Coconut Oil topically and I haven't had any major breakouts yet. I started my menstrual cycle this week which normally results in several pimples that will appear leading up to that time of the month and a couple during the week it occurs.

Well, I had only a tiny one off to the side between my lip and chin. Normally that small pimple would become a huge problem resulting in a big round scar like the one I am currently healing from a few weeks ago.

Now, the other day (Saturday night) I started to feel a hard bump under the skin on my lower chin. I immediately though "UH OH" this is going to be a big doozy here!

Well, it got bigger, a little red, more tender, and it hurt a little. So, Sunday night I decided to take my 1 day break and didn't apply my Coconut oil that night. I didn't realize, but by the end of Monday (the next day) the bump had gone down almost completely and it was no longer tender.

Decided to not apply Coconut Oil last night either and so far today the hard bump has literally all but disappeared completely.

I'm thinking I might actually make it through my monthly ladies' cycle with no scars!! eusa_pray.gif

Other Things I've noticed:

  • Had a small pimple with a white head end of last week. It disappeared by the next day after my regular nightly coconut oil application. I get the feeling CO helps to get rid of those small whiteheads pretty fast.

  • CO has just been a miracle moisturizer for my face. The overall look and health is amazing.

  • It seems to help with scarring on both my face and body. I have seen a steady decrease in the appearance of old scars on my face and two scars I have on my hand (one being an old burn mark).

  • If I skip a day or two of application, my skin still remains soft, moist, and not dry. My facial skin has not peeled due to dryness since I started this 2 weeks ago.

  • The dark skin/circle around my eyes have lightened up quite a bit.

    Things I'm Concerned About:

    • Still worried about clogging pores and a having a major breakout.

    Changes I'll be Making:

    [*]I'm going to try applying the CO every other night instead of every night, so as to not have an overproduction of oil.

    I'll be back next week with my progress!!

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It's been a month since I started using coconut oil and it has been a wonderful experience for me. I actually had stopped using it for a few days after my 2nd week because my skin didn't feel dry, so I had forgotten to apply the oil. Well, after a few days, 3 pimples popped up and so I made sure to start applying the oil again and sure enough, the healing process was fast.

Now I just make sure I apply the oil anywhere from 2-4 times a week. I noticed that I don't need to use it everyday. It has done wonders for my face.

  • My skin tone is more evened out

  • The darker skin tone around my eyes has lightened up significantly

  • My breakouts are few and far between

  • If I do get a pimple, the coconut oil takes care of it quickly

  • My skin is soft and moisturized

  • No more dry, peeling skin

  • I keep getting compliments on my skin and how my face is 'glowing' (No one knows I am using the Coconut Oil except for my bf)

I will continue to keep the Coconut oil as part of my regime which now only consists of Purpose Cleaner and the Coconut Oil. I use my Cetaphil SPF moisturizer rarely and only if I feel I'll be out in the sun for a long time.

I recommend the Coconut Oil for people with dry skin like myself. It may be what your skin needs for a more natural healing.

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Interesting. I hope it keeps working for you.

A week ago about, I started using organic extra virgin coconut oil as a makeup remover as I couldn't see using it as a moisturizer and leaving it sitting on my face. I figured if I applied it, then removed most of it, I might be spared any breakouts due to it. But it seemed that within a few days I was getting a lot of clogged pores. So I chickened out and quit, and I'm still breaking out. It's so difficult to pinpoint the exact reasons for breakouts, but that seemed to exacerbate problems I'm currently having. I might give it another go, maybe in the winter when my skin is overall dryer. A naturopath said that a lot of times coconut oil is great for balancing skin that has been stripped of moisture from harsh anti-acne creams, but that everyone's skin is different and will react to it differently, especially on the face. I do love what it does for my body. Ugh ugh ugh acne. I guess truthfully I don't have bonafide dry skin, just dry patches, and not every day even. My T-zone is pretty oily throughout the day, so maybe that determines some of coconut oil's effectiveness.

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I hope it keeps working for you. Coconut oil ranks 4 (out of 5) on the comedogenic scale, so it wouldn't be something I would recommend to apply topically. But to each his own.

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