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How I Cleared Body Acne With Head And Shoulders

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quick history: Ive had moderate to severe body acne since i was about 14 and am now almost 19. I used to have it bad on my face but about two years ago it just cleared up and was no longer a problem. But still had horrible body acne. I tried EVERYTHING i could think of. I changed my diet, cut out all dairy, drank plenty of water, took vitamins and tried all the acne products out there. Nothing.

Finally I found out how to clear my body acne and its thanks to head and shoulders. This is what I do:

Shower RIGHT after workout which is in the morning using warm but not hot water, shampoo and conditioner first.

Make sure hands are clean with soap before you wash the rest of your body.

Wash body with a bar of regular soap, lathering up and using only hands, do not use a loofah or anything.

Rinse off.

Use head and shoulders classic clean shampoo using hands and lather up all over

Let that shampoo sit on the skin and turn the shower head away for at least a minute.

Rinse off and then let your skin air dry, or pat dry if in a hurry.

I do not use a moisturizer, and yes your skin will be itchy from the head and shoulders but it is worth it. I do not use moisturizer because even the good ones like Cerave made my skin oily and break out more.

Very important tips: drink plenty of water.

Dont stress out and learn to calm down

DO NOT TOUCH YOUR SKIN FOR ANY REASON-that is the most important thing. touching and picking makes it worse. If you feel you have to pick at them and pop them, use benzoil peroxide to clean it after.

wear comfotable clothes.

For the skin to look healthier and get rid of scars, use apple cider vinager (ACV)

dilute it with half water, half ACV, and apply it to the skin using a cotton ball

can also drink it by putting 2tbs in 8oz of water once in the morning, once at night.

I have been doing this for 3 weeks and my skin looks amazing after having moderate to severe acne for almost 5 years! i can finally take off my shirt and not feel self concious. Mostly the head and shoulders and the not touching my skin at all for any reason helped the most.

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I tried this and my acne did clear up. I stopped because of the itchyness. Might try again, thanks OP, glad the utchyness is normal.

Anyone know why the itch happens?

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I tried it and it was super itchy too, and it didnt clear me up that well. I dont like proactiv, but there body bar, actually is working.

I recommend it!

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I suffer from excessive sweating and I also have back acne. I therefore need to shower twice. Would it be okay to use head and shoulders on my back twice a day? Or could that irritate my skin?

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